Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Women and The Religion of Peace...

Some thoughts on Arab/Muslim women in the news lately:

1. From Saudi Arabia, we find out that a woman in a burqa has beaten the snot out of a Vice cop.

Good for her! Can you imagine how shocking this must be to Saudi sensibilities, such as they are? This is something like a gender-based Lexington and Concord in Saudi Arabia, where women are treated as something slightly less-than-property. I was, however, surprised to learn there was a co-ed university in Saudi Arabia (yeah, right...it's probably like 2,000 guys and 4 fat chicks in black head-to-toe sausage casings).

The incident is also pretty much a damning indictment of Saudi men, in general, I would say; the boyfriend fainted when questioned, and the cop got beat up by a girl. And with such fine examples of masculinity on display, somehow Libtards are still afraid of Muslims to the point where they'd rather kiss their asses than kick them.

I've said so a million times in this space: Muslim men, in general, are simple bullies. Especially the ones with some connection to the religious/state apparatus. Stand up to them and they quickly crumble. They are especially afraid of women...they fear women even more than homosexual rape.

With Saudi women reciting poetry critical of Islam and the government in public, and now beating up police officers, it's only a matter of time before they'll be in the streets demanding the right to walk in public by themselves, and gasp!, to own toothbrushes!

2. In other news, we have a report of a French person actually standing up to a Muslim, ripping her burqa off in the process. This is a big deal in France, where public debate about the burqa is leading lawmakers to try and ban them.

Rip the burqas off them all. I can think of no uglier piece of clothing, and no more oppressive symbol than a burqa. And African-Americans can kiss my ass in this regard; Islam is all about slavery, especially of women, and the African-American experience is nowadays a mostly self-imposed mental, rather than physical slavery.

The Burqa is a symbol of fear and domination, which has consequences that have been far more dire and destructive, and which have lasted far longer than any the Confederate flag might conjure up in your imagination. For you (Blacks) Slavery was the ordeal you had to endure before your basic humanity was recognized. For Muslim women, the Burqa is the symbol of their eternal inferiority in the eyes of God, and there's no humanity at all in it.

It is without a doubt the most objectionable ensemble on all of planet Earth. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to dress in a head-to-toe burlap sack. It must be like walking around in your own body bag all day long. The sooner the burqa is gone, the better society will be, for all involved. You're in the West, Muslims, if you wish to be a part of this society (rather than just suck the Welfare benefits out of it), then adopt Western customs. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that those who won't should probably be considered prime candidates for immediate deportation. You could start with all the men who insist their wives dress like a sack of potatoes because God-said-so.

3. We now have an Arab Miss USA. I won't link to any stories about it, because they've mostly been of the "Gosh-aren't-we-an-inclusive-society-and-did-you-ever-think-you'd-live-to-see- such-a-wonderful-sight-Diversity Rocks!" sort, which strike a tone somewhere between vomit-inducingly-vapid and borderline-Irish-Setter-retarded.

I really couldn't care less about such things, usually, but it's become apparent from the news coverage that she was an Affirmative Action selection, the supposed lesser-of-two-evils candidate. Not that Miss Fakih isn't beautiful, but it's clear that the Runner-up doomed herself by espousing a conservative, and most un-PC political position on Arizona Law. It's almost as if the judges had an agenda when they asked the question -- don't give it to the white girl.

I'm certain had their been a Hispanic wench up there they would have cheated or resorted to such cheap tactics on her behalf --- just to send a message to America about immigration -- they would have done so. However, I guess most of the Hispanic candidates were probably gone by the time the "Chew Gum and Walk in Heels Simultaneously" competition was done, and thus unavailable to be used for a propaganda display. Miss Fakih was the best the judges could contrive at a moment's notice. At least she was an actual immigrant.

As an added bonus, it an opportunity for a bunch of Libtards to once again demonstrate their grovelling cowardice to Arabs, whether it's awarding the Miss USA title to one, or insisting that all those Muslim bombers who keep fucking up and getting caught, and confessing, are really insane conservative Tea Party moonbats upset over ObamaCare and Financial Regulation Reform -- and certainly not Islamic terrorists.

Within hours of winning this dubious honor, it was being reported that there are racy videos of the woman, Rima Fakih, swirling about the Internet. This is in addition to the racy publicity photographs that Donald Trump's pageant required all the contestants to pose for. I'm certain that within a week, at best, we'll be seeing nude pictures of the new Miss USA. This has become almost the norm in recent years. In fact, it would be almost shocking to find a Miss USA who didn't pose nude.

I can't be bothered to look for proof of this assertion but I would wager that somewhere in the world, within minutes of the word getting out that America had selected a Muslim beauty queen, 10,000 fatwas were issued calling for her death on the grounds that parading around in evening dress and swimsuits is highly immoral, and for for being an apostate. If we could somehow get this information (but really, why would I?), I'm sure there's probably 50 million Muslim men sitting at their computers right now masturbating over Rima Fakih's online images. Sixty seconds from now -- when they're finished -- they'll be out and about on the streets and in the mosques of Cairo, Damascus and Dubai, feigning outrage that a Muslim woman could behave that way, burning American flags in the street, and finding new ammunition for their war on Western culture.

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