Monday, May 17, 2010

Ivy League Elite: We Deserve to Rule Because We're Better Than You Scum...

According to this Washington Post Editorial, the fact that Ivy League elites from Harvard and Yale dominate the Supreme Court (Elena Kagan, if confirmed, would make the Court All-Ivy) is a good thing, because well, they're the best and smartest people available. And when we're talking about lawyers (themselves supposedly the smartest of the smart) then, hell, we should be looking for the Ivy League Lawyers to fill the top legal spots in America (the superlatively smartest of the smart), because without them, we dolts will probably degenerate into destructive and immoral behavior of the sort not seen since we were all swinging from trees and throwing feces at one another.

That, of course, was all written by an Ivy League lawyer. Talk about conceit?

Then again, this idiot also boasts that he worked on Micheal Dukakis' presidential campaign. According to some (the Ivy-trained Libtards and Kennedy School sorts), Dukakis lost that election not because he was a dull, criminal-loving, mono-eyebrowed, ultra-libtard, wanna-be elitist prick who was as interesting and exciting as scabies, but because he was just too highbrow for the rest of us to understand where he was coming from. Oh, and that picture of him in the tank, looking like a green mushroom -- with a monobrow -- didn't help much either.

If The Ivy turns out such superior people, then please explain the following calamities:

a) The Economic Crisis. The author should also explain why all those Ivy MBA's are in favor of the piece-by-piece destruction of capitalism (for reasons other than their own immediate paychecks), why they're in bed with politicians who advocate policies that are damaging and destructive to business and commerce, and who support confiscatory rates of taxation which might be common in say, Soviet Russia or Venezuela, but not in the United States of America.

b) Why the nation is fighting two wars that it seems to lack the political will to actually win (you know, by killing the enemy?), and the foreign policy chops required to encourage our allies, and outmaneuver our camel-fucking-wife-beating-illiterate-child-raping-Stick Age opponents. You begin to wonder how all of these Ivy Elites at the Justice Department, Homeland Security, and the National Security apparatus view the world, and when they advance policies such as reading terrorists the Miranda Rights or "negotiating" with Iran, you begin to ask just what the fuck they are they thinking, and do they inhabit the same planet as I do?

c) A Congress which passes bills so complicated it cannot be bothered to read them first, but somehow still manages to exempt itself from. A Congress which is so focused on achieving narrow party-line goals, that in the process it shreds the Constitution, tramples on the rule of law, and bestows honor and credibility upon the biggest and worst of hacks, idiots, con-men and ticket-punchers, while making them fabulously wealthy in the process.

d) A media which doesn't even pretend to be objective, which is the first requirement of a democracy. The ability to audit, criticize and question authority and to hold them to account for their misdeeds, is what separates us from the ignorant savages of the Middle East and the authoritarian hordes of Asia. It's one of the things that makes ours a dynamic, advanced society that continually reinvents itself, and promotes the concept of progress and modernity. It's one of the reasons why the filthy nose-picking masses of the world hate us; because we have, through our media, the ability to ask the question which is fundamental to both peace and progress; "Why?".

Once you lose that ability, either through the abuse of power by the elite, or through the media failing to live up to it's responsibility, you no longer have democracy. We're seeing both -- the Obama Administration has done things it was never empowered (by the Constitution) to do, a democrat-controlled Congress has enabled him to do more, and the Media is not tackling the vital question of "Why?", but is instead more concerned about the burning question of whether a picture of Elena Kagan playing softball is suggestive of hidden homophobia.

Considering the public track record of the Ivy League Elites of the last 20 or so years, I would think that elevating yet another one to the Supreme Court would be a further sign of the degeneration of American society. Maybe we could find one of those Good-ol' boy country lawyers, like Matlock, or even in a pinch, I'd settle for Jack McCoy or, an A.D.A. Ron Carver (from back in the days when Law and Order was less political. Confession: Courtney B. Vance is one of my favorite actors).

I say instead of elevating Ivies to the Court, we instead find them suitable employment at Burger King, or on the assembly line somewhere, so they can experience life outside the Ivory Tower for once -- and learn the hard way -- what actually goes on in this country in places where people don't drink $200 Merlot, and specifically ask if the Ahi-Ahi is farmed and dolphin-free.

The new battle lines in American politics are forming. Our "Elites" are lining up against "The Rubes". One side is represented by people like President Obama, Eric Holder and Elena Kagan -- and the fellow-traveler asshole who wrote this article -- and the other by Tea Parties and the likes of Sarah Palin. The Elites are trumpeting their superior intellects and educational "qualifications" as their Reason to Rule (that sounds a lot like the Divine Right of Kings!), while the Other Side has only Right, Common Sense and Public Opinion on it's side, and as we've seen, there isn't a Libtard politician, judge or pundit alive with an association with the Ivy that hasn't, at one time or another, ignored Right, considered Common Sense inferior to pragmatic Conventional Wisdom, and derided Public Opinion as little more than the mental diarrhea of the incredibly retarded masses.


Anonymous said...

The Presidents we have elected for the last twenty years, have themselves been Harvard or Yale educated. This has the potential to create an even more closed minded interpretation of our laws.

Yale - Bush Sr. - 4 years
Yale Law - Clinton - 8 years
Yale - Bush, Jr. - 8 Years
Harvard Law - Obama - 4 - 8 years

When we consider that our Nation has potentially twenty - eight years of Presidential influence from these two Universities, as Americans, we should look long and hard at the influence Yale and Harvard have exerted on our nation's policies. Barack Obama promised America Change, but he has continued the same discriminatory policy by appointing a Yale graduate over many qualified candidates that graduated from other top Colleges and Universities in America.

Anonymous said...

Being a graduate from an Ivy League school is not a negative. The negative is that the Supreme Court is losing Educational Diversity amongst its members. A very simple example could be vanilla ice cream. Everyone likes vanilla ice cream. The problem arises when you limit your diet exclusively to vanilla ice cream. You get lots of calcium, but you lose out on all of the other needed vitamins and minerals to live a healthy productive life. The same can be said about losing the diversity of knowledge and diverse perspectives that people from other institutions can provide. The majority of the Supreme Court Judges should not be Ivy League graduates.

I am of the opinion that Supreme Court decisions may be considered biased, due to their common Ivy League education, and they are engaging in discrimination, by limiting the Court to Ivy League Graduates.

The following applies to Kagan, just as it did to Sotomajor.

This editorial was created by 160 Associated Press readers under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution License 3.0 using MixedInk's collaborative writing tool. For more about how it was created, see here. It can be republished only if accompanied by this note.

Obamas Appointment of Sotomayor Fails to Offer Educational Diversity to Court.

Sotomayor does not offer true diversity to our Supreme Court. The potential power of Sotomayor's diversity as a Latina Woman, from a disadvantaged background, loses its strength because her Yale Law degree does not offer educational diversity to the current mix of sitting Judges. Once she walked through the Gates of Princeton and then Yale Law School she became educated by the same Professors that have educated the majority of our current Supreme Court Justices, and our Presidents.

Diversity in education is extremely important. We need to look for diversity in our ideas, and if our leaders are from the same educational background, they lose the original power of their ethnic and gender diversity. The ethnic and gender diversity many of our current leaders possess no longer brings a plethora of new ideas, only the same perspective they learned from their common Ivy League education. One example of the common education problem is that Yale has been heavily influenced by a former lecturer at Yale, Judge Frank, who developed the philosophy of Legal Realism. Frank argued that Judges should not only look at the original intent of the Constitution, but they should also bring in outside influences, including their own experiences in order to determine the law. This negative interpretation has influenced both Conservatives and Liberals graduating from Yale. It has been said that Legal Realism has infested Yale Law School and turned lawyers into political activists.

A generation of appointees with either a Harvard or Yale background, has the potential to distort the proper interpretation of our Constitution. America needs to decentralize the power structure away from the Ivy League educated individual and gain from the knowledgeable and diverse perspectives that people from other institutions can provide. We should appoint Supreme Court Justices educated from amongst a wider group of Americas Universities.

Harvard -

Chief Justice John Roberts
Anthony Kennedy
Antonin Scalia
Stephen Breyer
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Harvard, Columbia)


Samuel Alito - Yale JD 1975
David Souter
Clarence Thomas - Yale JD 1974
Sonia Sotomayor - Yale JD 1979

Northwestern Law School.

Justice John Paul Stevens

The Presidents we have elected for the last twenty years, have themselves been Harvard or Yale educated. This has the potential to create an even more closed minded interpretation of our laws.