Saturday, July 24, 2010

Staten Island: 2, Militant Islam: 0...

There will be no sale of a former convent to the Muslim American Society. For the last two months, the residents of Midland Beach and local supporters have made their opposition to a proposed mosque, to be built on the site of a former Roman Catholic convent, known in no uncertain terms.

Today, the Board of Trustees for St. Margaret Mary's church finally decided that the bad publicity, the damage being done to the reputation of the Archdiocese of New York -- not to mention the very light collection plates -- was finally too much, and the Board declined to complete the sale of the property in question to a bunch of clitoris-cutting,-camel-fucking,-wife-beating-death-worshiping-heathen-terrorists.

The Board can cite concerns over "parking" and "traffic flow" all it wants, but the opposition to this sale has been, I have always felt, the fact that 271 Staten Islanders were killed on September 11th. They weren't killed by Mormons or Buddhists, either; they were murdered by Muslims. Mayor Bloomberg (more on that jerkoff in a second) may have forgotten September 11th, but we haven't.

Naturally, the Muslim American Society did what Muslims do every time they're thwarted, and can't resort to bombs because the Police and Community are watching them: they screamed racism, and released a passive-aggressive statement full of teenaged petulance which basically reads:


I would like to point out to the MAS that:

a) You do realize that you've used the word "Islamophobia" in your own statement? I'm not certain there is another religion on the planet which has spawned a similar word -- probably because it's been centuries since the last Druid, or maybe even Extreme Jainist -- strapped a bomb around his waist and walked into a shopping mall. The fact that such a term even exists ought to tell you that there's something wrong with you people, and that the bigotry you complain about just may be common sense based upon some pretty fucking good evidence that you're liable to kill for no reason that makes sense to a rational human being.

b) "Islam" is not a race, therefore, opposition to Muslims cannot be racist. Stop using that word because it doesn't apply, and the only people who care about the charge of racism are irrationally-guilty white liberals, who are simply frightened little faggots who will surrender to anyone who threatens violence, or even a really bad wedgie.

c) No, it is not a "travesty" that a public official investigated your little group. It was warranted. If you want to avoid future investigations, I suggest you either leave the country, or start turning in your crazy brothers, sons, uncles and fathers who may decide that the solution to all of life's problems involves TNT and 72 virgins. The REAL travesty is that a decade after 9/11, you people are still alive, have the unmitigated balls to live in New York, and make DEMANDS upon a society that has treated you far better than you deserve. If it were me, there would have been mushroom clouds stretching across the horizon from Algiers to Bangladesh on September 12th, and there'd be Gitmos everywhere for the ones who managed to escape.

d) And just for fun: Suck on that, Assholes! You don't get to build a victory monument in this community, and you certainly don't get to build it upon ground which belonged to a rival religion. You may have gotten away with that shit with the Temple Mount and the Hagia Sophia, but not in Midland Beach.

Now, if we could just put an end to the other proposed Islamic Victory Monument, i.e. the 11-story mosque being built at Ground Zero, scheduled to open on September 11th.

Protests against that monstrosity have been ongoing since it was first announced, but construction is still progressing. This mosque would also have probably been stopped dead in it's tracks, except that Mayor Dickwad...errrm...Bloomberg ... and his fancy-pants-Upper-East-Side-Guilded-Commisars have defended the thing since it began. Mayor Douchebag came out and said the other day in defense of this monstrosity (paraphrasing, and I don't have a link) that he didn't think "our brave men and women serving overseas" were fighting to allow religious persecution in America.

Hey, Asshole, I have news for you: "Our brave men and women" are fighting overseas -- in Muslim countries -- because Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans a decade ago. You must remember that incident, right? It was in all the papers. In fact,you sued your predecessor so that you could take charge of the whole rescue/recovery thing, citing the inviolate nature of electoral law -- even if it there was a smoking crater in Battery Park -- the very "inviolate" laws you had overturned last year so that you could run for an illegal third term.

By the way, you got your wish, and guess what? There still hasn't been anything built over the fucking hole where the Towers once stood, and the War is still going on, with no end in sight, despite a President who has promised to surrender at the enemy's earliest convenience. Ten years, who knows how much money and 4,000 dead soldiers later, and what have people like Bloomberg, Bush and Obama accomplished? Zip.

But there IS a Mosque going up next door. Is it just me,or is there something wrong with this picture?

Hey, Mayor McCheese; you do remember a few months ago insisting that the would-be car bomb planted at Times Square couldn't possibly be the work of Muslim terrorists...until it was determined that it was, in fact, the work of a Muslim terrorist? Anything you have to say on the subjects of Islam and Terrorism are bound to be wrong -- based on your track record -- so how about you just shut the fuck up?

I think Mayor Fartsniffer and his airy pronouncements on Wars, Freedoms and Civil Society can be safely ignored. In the meantime, I'm going to take a great deal of satisfaction that somewhere tonight in New York, there's a bunch of Desert-dwelling pieces of shit who will now have to suffer the indignity of metaphorically cleaning the sand out of their collective vagina; The Infidels won one! Oh, the irritation and humiliation!

I will laugh in the face of the first Muslim I see tomorrow, for sure!

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