Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Get The Nicest Hate Mail...

...it's usually addressed "Dear Fascist, Homophobe, Right-wing, Racist, Co*cksucker", and gets considerably more vile from there. The typical e-mail usually begins by questioning my sanity (Duh! You did take note of just what this blog is called, didn't you?), and then continues with a litany of pap psychological diagnoses on everything from my toilet training, to my latent homosexual desires. Why, I never knew there were so many budding Freud's out there!

I don't mind it one bit. I'm beyond the point of actually giving a shit what other people think about me. I can't please everyone, so I don't even try to. What you see is what you get; deal with it. If you can show me where I'm wrong, then do so. Until then, I'm right, and I can say whatever I want to. So there.

The funniest part of the entire exercise is that people who seem to consider themselves my intellectual and moral superiors are completely unaware that most decent e-mail programs come with built-in spelling and grammar checkers. It's also a good laugh when someone begins a paragraph of complete and utter Multi-culti drivel with "I learned in my sociology class..."

If you take Sociology, hell, if you are a Sociologist, you're probably a panty-bunched, bed-wetting pussy who's really only interested in finding out why all the other children in school beat the snot out of you daily and took your lunch money. The same way most psychiatrists really only took psychology to find out what was wrong with themselves.

Anywho, it seems that something I wrote over the weekend stung a particular group of mouth-breathing Libtards especially hard; it was about a Washington Post OpEd writer suggesting that there should be a Black Tea Party.

I got just about what you'd expect to get if you had written something like that; most objected to the condescending tone, and a few were really animated about my use of certain"racially-charged" words, like "slave". I do warn people who come here that what you're about to read here will probably offend most decent people, and that I make no apologies for it, at all. I don't have to: this is America. You don't have to agree with me (Hell, I expect most people not to!), and you don't have to like it, but I have every right to say it.

But the biggest rhetorical question I got was "Who do you think you are, telling Black People they can't have their own Tea Party if they want one?" And that's where they lose me.

Where did I say that Blacks can't have their own Tea Party (as if I had that power? If I did, I wouldn't be sitting here writing a blog, I can tell you!)? I merely suggested (in "racially insensitive" language, mind you) that perhaps instead of forming another Tea Party, that more Blacks perhaps give the present one a try, first. That the idea, as postulated in the OpEd, was perhaps...ahem...colored...by the propaganda of the democratic party and the NAACP, in which the attempt is made to paint the Tea Party as a bunch of sheet-wearin' rednecks all set for a necktie party. That charge is patently false; there may be some people within the ranks who actually do think that way, and there are fringe groups that do think that way which have attached themselves to the Tea Party -- in much the same way that Anarchists will show up at Pro-Abortion rallies, or when The Nation of Islam shows up at Peace Protests; wherever there's a crowd that attracts attention, you often get the worst sort showing up who have absolutely no real connection to the thing. They're there for the Press.

The point I was making, perhaps badly (or maybe I should have used smaller, less "racially-charged and insensitive" words?) is that the second you put Black/Italian/Gay/Chinese in front of something, you have fundamentally altered it's nature and intent. The Tea Party, as I understand it (I am not a member) is basically a collection of citizens, from all walks of life and political persuasions, who have gathered under the same banner for a particular purpose which transcends race; they are pissed off about how the Federal Government works, or rather doesn't work. They are sick and tired of a class of politicians which has taken it upon themselves to be the arbiters of all that is good for us, and which has decided that we -- The People -- are of no account when it comes to fundamental questions of how we are to be governed, by whom, to what ultimate purpose, and how it is to be enacted and paid for.

It is a Political Class which has forgotten that their mandate comes from The People, and which increasingly operates under the impression that it can assume more and more power, at greater expense, and at exponentially decreasing levels of efficacy, as it sees fit, and for it's own purposes. In most regards, it's not even about dem and repub, liberal and conservative; those labels are no longer descriptive or operable, and don't even convey any sense of distinction between the two parties anymore. Republicans are just as likely to rule over an explosive growth in the power and scope of Government as Democrats are to abuse the police powers created in the wake of 9/11 -- and in both cases, the Rights of the The People who pay for the entire structure are steadily eroded -- despite pleas by the one for the cause of Freedom, and promises by the other that they exist to defend The Common Man.

In this regard, the Tea Party really stands for the Common Citizen in his fight against Leviathan. It seeks to bring this Beast low by changing the culture of Washington, D.C. by means of the vote and by bringing Public Opinion to bear. That should be a common cause between Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Gays, Feminists, Stockbrokers, Bus Drivers, Doctors, Construction Workers, Mothers, Fathers and your pet Airedale. We're all, literally, in the same boat; Washington, D.C., when the time comes, will forget such petty distinctions as race, sex, profession, sexual-orientation, and your favorite flavor of ice cream, and will finally make us all truly equal in the only way ion which only government can; equally miserable, equally impoverished, equally frustrated, equally oppressed.

The fight against this can only be won by good,well-meaning people coming together in defense of our common Citizenship and Heritage. The second you start peeling off sections, be they Black, Dog-Owners, or Fishermen, the whole thing comes to a screeching halt as the areas of common agreement become entangled with the individual pet peeves of specific groups. When that happens, you'll only get more Democrat and Republican parties in minature, atomized along various, esoteric lines and fighting with one another --and not their common enemy.

That is EXACTLY what both parties want to see happen to the Tea Party, because it sends the dissenters back into their ranks out of frustration, or disagreement upon a single (probably minor) issue, and then the current process can continue: the same class of abject assholes which has brought us to our current state of affairs stays in power, lessons unlearnt, even more determined to put the screws to us so as to prevent another manifestation of discontent from ever rearing it's ugly head again.

So,if you want to form a Black Tea Party, go right ahead -- you'll only be helping to retain the status-quo, and your lot in life will only be the worse for it. But if you can put aside Black-and-White for three seconds in favor of the label American Citizen, then maybe things can truly change for the better.

For everyone.

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Vassy said...

I don't have to: this is America. You don't have to agree with me (Hell, I expect most people not to!), and you don't have to like it, but I have every right to say it.

::grunts:: Not for long, not at the rate we're goin' down the shitter.