Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breitbart,Obama and the Obsession of Race...

T'was only a matter of time before someone made the accusation, but it's especially telling that it should happen to have been made now, in the wake of a scandal that should, once and for all, serve as a lesson to many. I'm paraphrasing it as:

Barack Obama is not Authentically Black.

It's especially damning that this unkind remark should be made by someone who is a legitimate victim of racism, of the politically-concocted kind, but hell, she has an axe to grind.

The charge of not being"authentically Black" is usually the opening gambit in any political battle amongst African-Americans. First you question someones "Blackness" on some sort of invisible scale that Blacks will insist doesn't exist, but which apparently does. Next, someone with some prominence and a following amongst the politically-active black population (wouldn't it be delicious if it were Reverend Wright?)will then ask the question that will be the equivalent of setting off an atom bomb during a spitball fight, and begin the debate in earnest: Is Barack Obama black enough?

It must really suck to be consumed by race in this way, whether you're the NAACP, a Man of the Cloth, or even the President of the United States. The first, self-proclaimed Post-Racial President has been anything but, and his rise has not stopped the Great American Debate on Race -- in fact, it has made it arguably worse. His whole sordid tale is bathed in the light of race; Race has enabled his meteoric rise, and it's about to play a major part in his downfall.

Obama's rise is largely the result of a democratic party which decided, that within it's pantheon of perennial victims, that Race still Trumps Gender, and although I do hate to day this, given the reality of what a desperate American electorate has wrought, Hillary Clinton was, literally, the lesser of three evils, in retrospect, and probably would have been President of the United States if Libtards didn't cream over the prospect of a (half-) black man in the White House. Because it was all, you know, historical (more like hysterical)...and stuff.

We've seen Obama leap to the defense of people of color against the police on many occasions, ranging from the Professor Gates kerfuffle, to the pre-emptive screams of "Racial Profiling!" vis-a-vis an immigration law that hasn't even gone into effect yet, showing a predilection to believe that American society -- and especially it's police forces -- is fundamentally unfair, and that The Law is yet another tool of The Man to oppress the huddled masses.

He's surrounded himself with people who live, breathe, eat, and shit race 24/7/365, and you know it's true, Eric Holder. Americans are supposed to be "cowards" on the subject of race, therefore the Justice Department should take great pains not to prosecute black criminals when the plaintiffs are white. If Obama doesn't actively support Holder in this stupidity, then his silence on the subject speaks louder than any speech.

Hell, the Obama Administration is so race-conscious that it even allows race to play a part in it's economic decisions, which is probably another reason why this Recovery Summer is little more than a hollow slogan; you would expect responsible leadership, based upon sound economic principles, and instead we get another example of the sort of "equality" most Leftards have in store for us.

Now, as to the players in this little morality tale.

Say what you will about how unequivocally stupid this whole Breitbart Affair is. In my opinion, when I saw the "gotcha" tape on FoxNews the other night, it was obvious to me that it had been edited (the giveaway: Sherrod is basically cut off in mid-sentence after the "damning" quote has been uttered), and that for a guy who claims to do it better than the "Mainstream Media", it appears that Breitbart got sloppy, if only because the edited speech dovetailed nicely with his own thought process. Everyone makes mistakes, and all that, but just look at what the results of his were. If that's what "journalism" is supposed to be, and achieve, then I must have missed the memo.

The after-the-fact excuse that Sherrod was not the point of the tape, but that the reaction to what she said was, well, that's just too lame to believe. The secondary defense, made by Ann Coulter last night, that Breitbart was "set up" is also weak; Breitbart got rolled because Breitbart wanted to be roiled. I have no sympathy for him, and he's yet another "Real" conservative hero (because of the ACORN scandal) who was the toast of the town yesterday, and tomorrow he'll be the solitary source that deranged One-percenters will quote incessantly on FreeRepublic.

I'm sorry to see that happen,because I happen to like Big Government, but it would be well-deserved. I hope Breitbart can work harder and get his credibility back.

The NAACP didn't exactly cover itself in glory, either. In a stunning display of almost Three-Stooges like incompetence, the NAACP not only threw one of it's own under the bus when it had evidence to defend her, it was so busy trying to defend itself against charges of racism in it's self-inflicted you''re-more-racist-than-us pissing match with the Tea Party, that it didn't even bother to think about defending Sherrod.

Here, the NAACP's obsession with race has come back to haunt it, too. What sort of credibility do you give that organization in the wake of this scandal, as if it that credibility wasn't already at an all-time low? The organization lives and dies by the premise that it can openly practice all the overt racism it wants to, while accusing it's enemies of being the worst sort of human beings. That strategy has served it well for four decades now, so there was no reason to change it, except that now every activity in the world takes place before a camera. And sensitive to the idea that freely flinging unfounded accusations of racism should be it's own special preserve, the NAACP moved with indecent haste to protect it's turf by rushing to take the"moral high-ground", and expelling what appeared to be a racist in it's midst, as a public-relations move.

Except that they didn't toss out a racist, and any claim to higher morality is now laughable. The NAACP did great harm to a black woman, and went out of it's way to do so, even though it had evidence of her innocence.

The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is curiously silent. There is a woman publicly wronged, fired by the Department of Agriculture in what was obviously a politically-motivated bit of kabuki theatre, who turns out to be a victim. She tells the story of "political pressure from above" which can only mean someone in the White House is responsible for her firing, and the best Obama can manage to do is to send Tom Vilsack out to fall on his penknife, and Robert Gibbs out to offer a half-assed apology and not answer any questions about what the White House's involvement in the whole sordid affair was.

As of this writing, Barack Obama has not called Sherrod, so far as I know,to offer his personal apology. I rather doubt he ever will. I think he's frightened of the prospect of having to honestly admit mistakes. It's been obvious since Day One: Barack Obama never makes mistakes, Barack Obama never fucks up, Barack Obama never apologizes. Everything is always someone else's fault, every plan would have worked flawlessly if it wasn't for someone else putting up resistance (Republicans, the Rich, Wall Street, George Bush, those who won't "sacrifice", Bitter Gun Clingers, Racists, and so forth). Barack Obama doesn't need to apologize for shit...except for America being mean to Muslim terrorists.

Obama is trapped in the cage of race, too. It consumes his waking thoughts -- hell, it's been the basis for his entire career -- it's at the foundation of all his policies; Health Care, Mortgage Defaults, Cash-for-Clunkers, Automotive Industry takeovers, Financial Reform, Comprehensive Immigration Reform. These were all...ahem...colored by his belief that America needed to be "fundamentally transformed" by a system wherein the wealth would be "spread around". This is simply a form of reverse discrimination dressed up in the golden cloth of "Social Justice", which is a phrase that is supposed to evoke a vision of a higher, nobler purpose, but which just makes me want to vomit.

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