Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And The Cab Stank?

Muslim douchebag demands $120 for cab ride.

I can promise you this; that cab already smelled horrible because someone named Nahidul Islam was in it. A kid puking in the backseat could hardly make it any worse.

You can't make this shit up.

And nice picture, douchebag. One can almost see the rancid aroma that must cling to you like a cheap burkha in a spring shower...speaking of showers, when was the last time you took one, you fucktard? I can see the oily skin and hair in that photo so clearly it makes me want to puke. You are so greasy that your hair is matted to the top of your head. It wouldn't surprise me if you were one of those Islamic jerks who washes his hands and feet five times a day before praying, but leaves the rest of your body to stew in it's own odors until your weekly hose-down.

(Yeah, I've known a few of those. Had to once pull one into my office and explain the basics of hygiene to him after the rest of my staff refused to work in the same room with him any longer).

Believe me, that kid did you a favor! I don't care what he could have eaten, a nice, steaming pile of thick, chunky puke on a New York City cab floor is often a positive improvement over what's typically found there. Some child's half-digested burrito-and-cotton-candy stomach ejacula is far preferable to the smell of Pakistani. Or Afghan, Syrian, Palestinian, Saudi or Moroccan, for that matter.

There are few things on planet Earth that smell worse than people like Mr. Islam. I'm certain he knows this, too. He just saw an opportunity to be an asshole and pry some more money out of an embarrassed woman with a sick kid in tow. I'm sure Mr. Douchebag...err..I mean, Mr. Islam, can probably point to some verse of the Koran that covers the right to be an asshole when someone upchucks on your camel, or some shit, and now that he's been publicly "humiliated" (whenever a Muslim's misdeeds are exposed to public view it's a "humiliation"to them, never the dickhead's just reward) expect to see him back in the papers within a week...with a lawyer in tow...to torment that family further.

All the public attention, you see, will ruin his life. In three days, he'll be suffering from extreme mental distress (usually, it's just called "Islam"), and within a week, he'll be deprived of his ability to earn a living because of the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder he acquired when the Post published his picture, and because no cab company will hire a complete asshole who's so obviously filthy. Maybe he has a future in New York State Politics, but his career as a cab driver is now utterly ruined. And some court in this state would probably take this case in a heartbeat because our judges are dumber than dogshit and infected with a pernicious brand of Political Correctness.

I especially loved this part:

Islam told The Post that Cuthbert merely pushed the mess around and that it would cost $120 to pay a crew of "Mexican cleaners" in Queens who specialize in removing vomit from taxis.

Just doing the jobs Americans won't do, I gather? Yep, when I have a vomit problem I start looking for Mexicans, too. Best in the business, I hear. I had absolutely no idea such a service existed...and that Mexicans excelled at it.

It's all too much: Stinky Islamic cab drivers who don't realize how badly they smell, trying to extort money from a mother with a sick child? Mexican Puke Experts that apparently have an exclusively Islamic cab driver clientele? What happened to the good old days in New York when people only came in three varieties -- White, Black, and Puerto Rican -- and there was no Islamic nutjobs terrorizing nervous mothers, or Central American Vomit Experts, all of whom are probably illegal if they're catering to Islamic hacks? This is New York City -- the United States? -- in 2010?

The Melting Pot has boiled over, I think.

If it were up to me, Mr.Islam would be in jail for attempted extortion (but no -- in 21st century America, only Italians ever get charged with extortion, instead of Al Sharpton, CAIR, or the Democratic Party) , and after he'd spent his sentence turning big rocks into little rocks with a rubber sledgehammer, I'd ship his greasy, stinky ass back to whatever shithole he originally crawled out of.

Yet one more example of the new New Yorkistan.

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