Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mike McMahon is a Big, Fat Douchebag...

Most democrats are. You would think that a man who owes his position to the good fortune of having had a predecessor who was an even bigger scumbag might make someone careful about what he does in public. After all, had Vito Fossella not been a drunk-driving adulterer with a love child, and worse, a persistent Republican at a time when that was only slightly more popular than dysentery, Mike McMahon would still be posing for his portrait on the Lucky Charms box.

But no. Displaying taste and class, especially during an election which one might lose, is something for other people to worry about. In the Great War to Keep The Phony-Baloney Job That You're Not Qualified To Do, all is fair game.

So why not make certain that your opponent's ex-wife is sitting in the front row for a debate?

Most people wouldn't be this petty and childish. Democrats, however, dance to a different tune. Usually, that tune involves complaining about the crass tastelessness and cluelessness of your republican opponent, while ignoring your own tasteless, clueless and asinine behavior.

Yet another reason to vote your local libtard out of office next week.

I guess nothing is out-of-bounds when it comes to keeping a Congressional seat that you didn't really earn, isn't it, Mikey? I would say that McMahon should be ashamed of himself, but he is incapable of shame. Expect some other douchebag libtard to try this stunt, or a variation upon the theme (maybe some Republican in the closet can expect his gay lovers to get the seats of honor at the next debate? My, but I wonder how many libtard pieties that sort of thing would violate?) between now and next Tuesday.

Disgusting. These people have no scruples, whatsoever.

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