Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aren't You Glad We Stopped the Mosque?

Two stories about local Islamo-nutjobs bent on waging jihad within the United States; both of these idiots have ties to my hometown, Staten Island, New York. You can read about them here and here.

It was not that long ago that the Archdiocese of New York, true to form, tried to sell an ex-convent to a group of Islamonazis who wished to build an "Islamic Community Center" in Midland Beach. The local community was up in arms; Two-hundred and seventy-one Staten Islanders died on September 11th, or 10% of the total victims, during the attacks on the World Trade Center, and naturally, passions in regards to anything Muslim in these parts run extremely high. Especially when the Church tries to make the sale in the dead of night and not inform the local community about it until nearly the very last minute.

Eventually, the Church was convinced that the money it would gain from the sale was far outweighed by bad publicity -- public pressure and the boycott on the collection plate in local churches did the job -- and put all but the kiss of death on the sale. Never underestimate the Catholic church's ability to condition it's actions by the effects of it's balance sheet.

In any case, opponents of the proposed Midland Beach Mosque -- and the infamous Ground Zero Mosque -- have been proven correct in this regard: these two geniuses were living amongst us, and no one is quite certain who they associated with, and how many of their fellow would-be jihadis are still here. Far from being a "Community Center" that mosque in Midland Beach, or the one at Ground Zero, would more than likely have become a headquarters for the local jihad set, seeing as how many of them seem to be here. Put that many mental cases in the same room, pump 'em full of prayer and a litany of bullshit grievances (because that's all Islam has to offer, you know), and you get potential terrorists.

As it is, the apparent lack of such meeting places where these mental midgets can get together and conspire with each other just might be a contributing factor in actually capturing these home-grown jihadi douchebags: with nowhere else to go to join the jihad, or anyplace where they might even be given directions on how or where to do so, they wind up trying to fly to Pakistan or Syria on one-way tickets, and this leads to them getting caught, or they get so desperate to strike a blow that they forget about fundamental security and start talking and plotting with the first doofus to offer them a stick of dynamite...and that person, fortunately, usually, turns out to be an FBI agent or informant.

Lucky for us.

These guys were living right in our midst here. Who knows how many more of them there are here, and New Yorkistan, in general? Letting them build mosques that quickly become valuable resources for suicide bombers, providing security, privacy, and way to meet and communicate with other suicide bombers, is simply stupid. If these two had access to a better network of friends and fellow-travelers they might not ever have been found out, until it was too late to do anything about it.

In the meantime, the people of this island and New York City as a whole, are called "racists" whenever these mosque-building projects are so vehemently opposed. However, the main argument buttressing that opposition -- there's determined jihadis amongst us, and they will quickly turn any mosque from House of Worship into a House of Conspiracy just as soon as we kaffirs leave them to their own devices -- gets proven on a near-daily basis; just look what these guys do, how absolutely stupid and/or crazy they are, and the lengths they're willing to go to do their worst. We have every right to know Who, What, Where, When, Why and How before anyone builds a mosque in this city.

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