Sunday, October 03, 2010

Some Thank You's,and Some New Links...

I'm really bad in this regard. I was never raised with the quaint notion of writing "Thank You" notes, so maybe this is why I'm remiss in such matters, nor do I always follow up when someone's else's blog links to one of my posts, which I take it is a serious breach of internet protocol.

They probably shoot you for that in some quarters of the Intertoobies. Anyways, I'd like to take as mall step towards correcting those deficiencies this morning.

First of all, I'd like to thank Greasywrench at The World of Greasywrench for putting me up on his blogroll, and will return the favor. Grease was, for a time, a regular respondent to my posts until I offended him, I think, with some of my views on religion. However, a steady stream of his readers have been stopping by here, and I'd like to extend both a welcome and appreciation for their traffic!

If you're a red-blooded-God-fearin-'merican patriot who ain't gonna take no guff from the pansy leftards, stop in and take a gander at what he's got to offer.

A big shoutout to the Gathering of Eagles, New York Chapter, who have added me to their "New York Bloggers" roll. GOE is a conglomeration of pro-Veteran, pro-War-on-Terror groups nationwide who have vowed to Fight the Insurgency at Home, by supporting our troops and protecting them and their interests from the drooling doofuses of the anti-war Left. They do some really nice things for our vets and deserve a round of applause for their efforts.

I'm proud, and honored, to have been noticed by them. Thank you, GOE, and Thank you, Veterans!

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