Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More From The "Religion of Stupid" Files...

[Muslims are] the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race.

So says the former President of Pakistan.

Just in case one of you libtards out there feel the need to drop me an e-mail to call me a racist;

a) "Muslim" is not a race, and

b) Even incredibly stupid people like you will have to admit what even Pervez Musharraf thinks is so painfully obvious, if only you were capable of being honest and objective.

But just in case you still aren't convinced that Muslims are maniacal, inbred, murderering idiots, who haven't got a clue, you can read this.

I rest my case.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

P.S. Stop by the original source for this post, Plancks Constant, and have a look-see. I'm adding this site to my blogroll.

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