Tuesday, January 25, 2011

9/11: One Man's Tragedy is another Man's Treasure...

"9/11 Victim" is the New Black.

They even have their own collection of highly-paid parasites to "lead" them. Instead of being Poverty Pimps like Rev. Al, or Je$$e Jackass, these people can be more accurately described as "Misery Pimps".

It's been 10 years, already. Get on with your lives. September 11th ruined me physically, mentally, professionally, financially, and no one ever advocated on my behalf. Probably because my case couldn't be used to pry federal tax dollars and donations from people's wallets. My case certainly wouldn't have brought anyone $17 million for delaying the construction of the new WTC, providing others with badly-needed jobs, and a cash-strapped New York City with revenues, and it never caught a politician's ear, either.

The orgy of grief, and everything that's sprung from it, has got to stop at some point. Don't you think watching other people getting rich off of other people's pain isn't the first indication that something ain't exactly right here?

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