Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rev. Al on "Hannity"...

The "Reverend" Gimme tries to debate former Senator Rick Santorum on the issue of out-of-control rates of abortion in the African-American community.

Al's real problem, besides dodging the actual question as to whether abortion rates this high constitute a new holocaust, is that Santorum made the following mistakes:

1. He used the word "Black" in a way that Sharpton disagrees with. "Black", in any context, is not supposed to be uttered by a White man as the term is owned by the poverty pimps, like Al, and should only be used as the sharp wedge end of the Crowbar of Guilt and Shame which opens the White Man's wallet.

2. He used the word "slave" or "slavery" in a way that Sharpton disagrees with. The word "Slave", too, is owned by the poverty pimps, and should only ever be uttered in the context of what African-Americans are"owed". Frankly, this "you-owe-me" bullshit is wearing thin, and Al might be quite shocked to learn that the way things are going in this country, the whole notion of successive generations of people wholly-supported by the State as a way of "making amends" for past evils is about to go the way of Jim Crow (oh no you didn't!).

3. He brought Obama into the debate, and suggested that he should, perhaps, think in a certain way. Black folks don't like to be told how to think, but then again, who does? Al may have a point here, but it's a very small one. We all know Obama is incapable of thinking unless Rahm, Harry or Nancy tell him what to think. (and no, this is not a racist statement: I think this about Obama's White Half, too).

4. He suggested that people should exercise some personal responsibility, and think about the consequences of their actions. This pisses Al off, because in order to continue his gravy train, African-Americans have to be infantalized (oops!)and presented as the innocent, helpless victims of a corrupt and racist system; if people ever started thinking about what they do, or started taking responsibility for their actions, Al would have to find honest employment.

The debate, such as it was, is unremarkable, except for the inability of Sharpton to concede a single point, especially where he's so obviously wrong. He wasn't letting Santorum get away with using"black", "slave" and lecture folks on responsibility without cash being spread around, even if it made him look dumber than usual.

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