Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why the Islamic World is Doomed...

Pakistani Woman Enrolls in First Grade.

A 25-yr old mother of three in first grade. While this may put her ahead of many of our 25-yr old mothers of three in the Bronx, what does it say about the Islamic world?

But, before you deign to answer that question, try to wrap your head around the just-announced formation of the Iranian Internet Gestapo.

Societies which restrict the spread of information, forbid the principle of debate, stifle education, cut off access to viewpoints which conflict with the "official" point-of-view, are societies which eventually wither and die. They are strangled by a lack of creativity, and a the inability to adapt to an ever-changing world. Societies which treat their women as livestock, and don't bother to educate or put them to work in a capacity other than sperm receptacle or human punching-bag, simply cease to exist, eventually.

The only thing that's keeping the Islamic world "relevant" is that there's so damned many of them (what happened to all that War on Terror bullshit?), but the ability to breed like roaches still won't save that culture and those societies from the slow death that awaits them. They are sterile cultures. Stale. Flatlined. Hence, all the violence; they aren't aware of another way to live.

The Iranians can cite the Stuxnet attacks on their nuclear program all they want, the real reason they're clamping down on the 'net is because it's a place where people are exposed to ideas that are dangerous to the regime. Well, that and because the Middle East is the internet rape video and donkey sex capital of the world (just ask Google).

No educated women+no political or religious dissent+no exchange of ideas+the criminalization of unofficial thought = Islam is a barren wasteland. That's the real reason why they hate us in the West; it has little to do with religion, it's all about culture. Our system represents a culture of freedom and progress, and theirs represents a culture of repression, ignorance, violence and perpetual poverty, even if you do swim in a sea of oil. They are incapable of changing so as to match and join us in the 21st Century, so they try to pull us down to their level (that's what terrorism is all about, after all), the easier to enslave us all so that they may live off the fruits of our labors and productive, creative brains.

Productive and creative brains that got that way because we allow dissent, educate our women, and don't spend the majority of our day looking at deviant pornography.

The Whole FundaMENTAList Islamic thing has nothing to do with religion: it's all about ensuring that a system in which Might Makes Right, and where Men can lord it over women, continues to exist, even if it eventually means cultural suicide. Because if there's anything a Muslim man fears more than God, it would be an original thought and a vagina. If both were ever to be combined, every camel-fucking pile of dirty lauindry in the Middle East would find himself up Shit's Creek without a paddle.

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