Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Deliver for You...

The long overdue dismantling of the U.S. Postal Service begins. The DHL/Fed Ex model works, government mail delivery doesn't.

It's a bout time; My mailman's back is practically broken carrying those three bills and 70-pounds of unwanted junk mail I get every month, too. Do something good for the environment, and get all those Postal trucks off the road, and the planes out of the air. Save some trees.

Get rid of those bloated pension obligations, too, and save the taxpayer some money.

We live in a world of e-mail, cell phones, instantaneous data transfer, the Internet, word processors. The concept of stuffing hand-written or printed paper messages into an envelope for hand-delivery is passe, obsolete. The only things preventing old-fashioned mail delivery from going the way of the dinosaurs are habit, custom, and security (because a sealed envelope is just as secure as a bank vault, you know).

And security gets better all the time. So long as the software companies don't stiff their programmers.

I'm getting the impression that the only people they interviewed for this article are over the age of 60, live in towns barely represented on a map, and that they all seem to regard the Post Office as a place to gather socially. Exactly the sort of people one would expect not to understand technology, and to be too lazy or stupid to take the time to figure it out or learn how it works.

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