Thursday, January 06, 2011

(P)MSNBC Screws Up, Tells the Truth Twice in One Article...

The Signs of Civilization are not to be found in the Middle East. The lands that once could boast the great cities of Mesopotamia and Persia are now inhabited by small-minded, mean-spirited little creatures with an inordinate fear of the vagina, who bow to a black rock in the middle of a desert, wear their laundry on their heads, engage in sexual intercourse with livestock, and are jealous of Jews because they can at least manage to grow food in a the point where they want to kill them all.

Still, there are those in the West who, despite the evidence of their eyes and ears, believe in the myth of the Moderate Muslim. In newsrooms, universities, smart cocktail parties on the Upper East Side, and all the other places where cringing people cower in fear of the truth ever getting out, or being told in such a way that someone with a propensity for explosive underwear and a murderous ideology-disguised-as-a-religion might take offense to, minds might be slowly changing. But, it seems that even these craven few, the ones who insist that Muslims are misunderstood victims of the West who need to be appeased, are finally beginning to acquire some common sense.

And the first indication of this coming change in mentality was detected, in of all places, in an MSNBC report on the Assassination of a Prominent Pakistani Politician.

You know that confidence in the (mostly mental) construct of the Moderate Muslim is beginning to fade when (P)MSNBC puts the qualifier "so-called" before those very words. Don't despair, though; the reporter then remembers the commandments of his Evil GE Overlords, and recovers; it only took two paragraphs for the reporter to recover his senses and reassert boilerplate (P)MSNBC's policy of blaming the United States for the murder of a Pakistani politician by a Islamofascist. I quote:

"Pakistan's founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, helped establish the country in 1947 as a moderate Islamic state welcoming all minority groups and religions. But that foundation has slowly been eroded over the years, especially in the 1980s during the military rule of Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq, who imposed a more conservative brand of Islam on the country.

The U.S. participated in this process by providing Zia's government with billions of dollars that it funneled to the mujahideen fighting the Soviets in neighboring Afghanistan."

See? It's all our fault. America planted the seeds of this murder, 30 years ago. With money. Standard Operating Procedure is back in effect. Still, it was a brave and honest (P)MSNBC reporter who could put "so-called Moderate Muslim" in a report and get it past the censors. Kudos for at least that much truth. But wait! There's more!

Just in case you were afraid that (P)MSNBC would quit while it was ahead, having been able to score a cheap political and rhetorical point by blaming something on the United States -- and especially the Reagan Administration -- while implying that Muslims, even the ones that kill their own politicians in a hail of gunfire and prayer (and naturally, like a true Jihadi, he shot his victim in the back), are victims -- makes another editorial mistake, from their point of view....and accidentally tells the truth, again. Twice in one article? The World's turned upside down! This politician was killed because:

"The response to Taseer's murder among ordinary Pakistanis seemed mixed. Some praised Qadri for targeting the governor, who in recent weeks had spoken forcefully in favor of clemency for a Christian woman sentenced to die for allegedly insulting Islam's Prophet Muhammad."

See? He wouldn't kill the Christian. He defended an Infidel. He exercised his conscience, and made a moral judgement, which are two really big no-no's as far as Islam is concerned. He had to die...he deserved to die.

Moderate, indeed.

Prediction: Within a decade someone will have to nuke Pakistan pre-emptively. Stock up on canned goods.

P.S. - It's good to see that (P)MSNBC made a decision and a commitment to stick with androgyny in the Maddow time slot with it's choice of guest host. Maddow looks manly, and Hayes just gives off a vibe that lets you know that he pees sitting down.


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