Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guess Who's Running For President...Again...

It's Hillary Clinton in all her cynical, pre-primary, re-positioning and re-packaging glory, all over again.

Expect her to resign as Secretary of State really, really soon. Trying to out-right the Right on National Security, though? What's that all about?

Maybe Barack Obama was wrong; you can put lipstick on a pig, -- but only if you believe you can continue to rely on the stupidity and short memories of the American Left, maybe? It only really requires....what was that phrase she used when she tried to grill General Petreus, again? Oh, right...A Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

I'm wondering if Hillary repaid all those debts from the last campaign yet, you know, the ones she had to solicit donations from people who already contributed to her lost campaign to pay off? Only in America could you spend the sort of (other-people's) money that a Presidential candidate is somehow obliged to spend, and then be able to beg for more (of the same people's money) to pay off your own debts.

Sounds like there's an awful lot in common between our politicians, AIG and GM. But, I digress...

Dissecting the 2008 primaries as best I can, it seems that Obama was originally the Ultra-Libtard attempt to get their views to the fore, because so far as they were concerned, Hillary Clinton was simply George W. Bush with a more masculine haircut. No one expected Obama to win so much as to bear the standard bearer of the demented Left. His 'job' was to put their issues on the table, and to warn 'centrist' dems (a contradiction in terms) that the Dingbat Wing of the party could not be taken for granted. Subsequent events, I think, have proven me correct in this assumption; bearing the last two years in mind, does it look like Barack Obama was ever prepared to be President of the United States, or that he ever expected to win?

What has resulted, from a policy perspective, both foreign and domestic, seems to indicate that no, he was not expecting town, and when he actually did, he had no plan. No vision. What Barack Obama actually did was to let Congress do his heavy lifting while he played golf and bought time to learn what being in charge actually means.

In retrospect, Hillary Clinton in the White House was far more preferable, even to a hardened republican like me, if only because if you gave me the choice between Prostate Cancer and Ebola, I'd take the Cancer every time. You can cut a cancer out. You can shrink a tumor. There's medicine for that.

Ebola just turns your insides into a bloody, pulpy, necrotic mess until your sphincter muscles finally rot out and the liquid remains of your guts flow out across the floor.

In any event, Clinton lost an election she had every opportunity to win. It's not like John McCain was the best the GOP could do, you know. Primarily, she lost for two major reasons;

a) She ran her campaign as if she had already won, as if the Office of President was her fucking birthright. She took the Victory Lap before the race even started. She did everything but measure the Oval Office windows for new curtains (on the off-chance the old ones might still have Bill's you-know-what all over them), and plan to return the silverware that she and Bill stole when the Bushes moved (back) in.

Politically, Hillary would have been Bush-like; she would have continued the War, she would have left Guantanamo open, she would have kept the Patriot Act (mostly so that she and Billy could abuse it for personal gain), she would not have advanced the same radical Health Care stupidity that parvenu Obama did. A Hillary Clinton Presidency would have seen someone who took it for granted that she could mollify the rabid left while playing the centrist on TV. She would, at least, not rocked the boat. A vote for Hillary was really a vote for the status quo, only with something like tits. if you were a Whackjob Lefty in 2008, Hillary Clinton was George W. Bush's third term.

It was also a part of her great misfortune that Americans had become so sick-and-tired of the usual bunch of morons treating the Office like a revolving door (the Bush Dynasty wasn't going to be followed by a Clinton Dynasty, if the electorate could help it), and of course, the Financial Meltdown occurred (conveniently, wouldn't you say?) in such a way as to knock the Old Guard in both parties so silly that they couldn't figure out just what to do -- except resort to their old stock response, which was to waste other people's money, pass useless 'reforms' after the fact, and then claim virtue. Hillary Clinton would still have voted for TARP, to bail out AIG, and nationalize GM, she would have done no more than the lesser amongst her (Obama and McCain) did.

If you were a democratic party voter in the fall of 2008, and your choice was between The Crusty Black Pantsuit who talked a good game, but lied to your face, and could be reasonably expected to simply continue Bush's policies with only minor, cosmetic changes, or the Slick Hipster 'Outsider' who had inspired you with lofty rhetoric and a thin resume, but who restored your deluded vision of the heady days of JFK, RFK and MLK, only with a Program of Reparations attached, who would you chose? Especially when the prevailing mood, in both parties, was to Throw the Bums Out?

Ironically, it was mantra of 'Hope', the very one uttered by Bill Clinton on 1991, that drove a stake through Hillary's heart in 2008. It's almost sad to see how badly that man's stench clings to her (I said 'almost'; Hillary Clinton has made her bed, and all that). It has since proven to be every bit as hollow and tinny now as it was in 1992, primarily because there is a huge chasm between the rhetoric and reality. Funny how history repeats itself, ain't it?

b) Hillary Clinton carried far too much baggage. About 200 pounds of it in the form of her husband. When you vote for a Clinton, as we all know, you get a two-fer. What sort of President would she have been with that (alleged) rapist and admitted perjurer hovering over her shoulder, whispering in her ear? A Vote for Hillary was actually a vote for Bill, for he would have been the real power behind the throne, and the Long National Nightmare that was the Clinton Administration would begin anew. As it was, Barack Obambi more or less brought the Clinton Administration back in all it's former glory for you, anyway (Rahm Emanuel, Leon Pannettta, Erskine Bowles, and about 90% of the lesser lights in that panoply of dim stars that was Camelot-on-Little-Rock), so we really did get 1992 all over again, only without it's principal actors.

It didn't really matter which democrat you voted for in 2008, anyway; you were still getting more of the same with abigger price tag, the only argument was over which figurehead was more attractive. Considering Hillary had more-or-less the same experience as Obama (neither has held a real job in their lives) there was no real distinction to be made between the two, other than novelty. And in a country that was in a desperate enough a situation, the Novelty Act spouting tried-and-failed communist boilerplate was seen as better than the Old-and-Tired spouting tried-and-failed communist boilerplate, especially when the Other Side was offering....what, exactly?

After all, your only other choice was to jump ship and...ewwww...vote for the obviously-confused McCain and the Hot-As-All-Hell-Librarian-who-Could-See-Russia-From-Her-House.

In the Great Pecking Order of Worthiest Victim Groups that is democratic (small 'd' intentional) politics, Hillary The Heir Apparent was stunned to learn that (half-) Black Man still trumped Woman Done Wrong By Cheating and Abusive Husband. That's how democrats usually vote, you know; they try to decide which candidate is the more historically-aggrieved minority. It's a pity they don't know any actual history. Anyways, Clinton only took the job of Secretary of State because it was the next, best thing; it gave her a serious job (junior Senator from a state you don't really live in is like being an unpaid intern, and besides, Schumer is an obnoxious boor), and it might even prove a springboard to future success.

Judging from the foreign policy mistakes of this Administration (ones that Hillary will be glad to tell you in the coming primary season were not her doing; she was simply following orders from above...yeah, like that worked at Nuremberg, too) that's not exactly something I would want on my resume. She will pull out her old 'Centrist Democrat' disguise -- something that barely exists anymore, thanks to the GOP-Tea Party romp in the 2010 Mid-Terms -- and run to Obama's right as a New-Old-Centrist-Blue-Dog Democrat (four lies for the price of one) while outhawking the GOP Hawks, and do her damndest to be as indistinguishable as the most centrist Republican come 2012. She'll trot out all the old Clinton Administration bromides with new bells and whistles, harken back to their supposed glories and virtues, cry once or twice for the cameras, and then triangulate her big, fat ass all the way back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, come Hell or High Water.

And you'll never see Bill anywhere near her...unless there's money to raise.

When Hillary Clinton, who voted for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before she voted against them, who all but called the General in Charge of those wars a liar, who decried the Surge strategy, and almost-religiously followed the Far Left line that the wars were lost, unwinniable, that Iraq was a 'quagmire' and Afghanistan a 'stalemate', suddenly becomes a defender of the national (in-)security establishment, you know something is rotten in the state of Denmark, or at least, in the State Department. The woman has been 'positioning' herself (again) for the last two years for another run at the White House.

Hillary doesn't really give a shit about national security; if she did, she'd be front-and-center in the fight against illegal immigration, and in the trenches for border security. She has been absent on both, because if you plan to run for President on the democratic party ticket you can't afford to offend all the illegal voters in California, your Mother Lode of illegal-alien-and-welfare-mother-supplied Electoral Votes --54 of them. That's 20% of the total required to be elected, you know.

Let's see if the American electorate can still be that stupid two Presidential elections in a row, and fall for someone who's so obviously a poser, or whether the 'Throw The Bums Out' fervor of the Tea Party and the Great Middle continues. Get yer popcorn, folks, there's gonna be a fight on the Left very soon.

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