Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Government is Out to Kill Us....

There is no other explanation.

$60 billion dollars wasted on intelligence agencies which seem incapable of telling people what they need to know, but then can -- with a straight face -- point to a single sentence, with no relevance whatsoever and after the fact, which purports to "prove" that the Obama Administration "was on top" of the whole Egypt debacle all the time. The entire thing a sad-but-necessary bit of political theatre. Barack Obama, the Lightworker, Savior of the Universe, must be seen as infallible and all-knowing -- even if he is dumber than a sack of hammers, and some General has to ruin his reputation trying to convince you of it.

Sorry, but it doesn't look like Obama knows a damned thing about anything from here. But then again, that's perhaps not so much his fault, as it appears the people who are supposed to know seem incapable of telling him. Maybe The One wants it that way; no unpleasant news which might interfere with his fantasy world where Communism can be made to work. Perhaps people are just afraid to approach the Right Hand of God and utter non-politically-correct blasphemies to him. Maybe, just maybe, there's so many goddamned Czars, Special Advisers, Special-Assistants-to-the-Special-Advisers, Special-Advisers-to-the-Special-Czar-Assistants, that by the time information percolates up to the Resident of the United States, it's been cherry-picked, mangled, garbled, folded, spindled and mutilated to such an extent that he can't make any use of it, or it leaves him badly misinformed.

I will remind Gen. Tapper -- and I really dislike his cavalier defense of what appears to be indefensible --of something that he should already know, assuming he's read any history whatsoever; when the intelligence services are no longer interested in providing badly-needed facts, especially inconvenient and politically-painful ones, and are instead committed to ensuring that a certain political point of view is presented and advanced, then the term "intelligence service" becomes an oxymoron, and the threat to our citizens increases one-hundred-fold. If that was an example of what we're paying for -- something that read like a 5th-grade book report, only with fewer facts and fewer reasonable conclusions, to judge from the excerpts -- then it's no wonder that the Obama administration hasn't clue fucking one about how to fight a war against terrorism (then again, GWB didn't either), and seems to always be two steps behind the curve on every foreign policy issue of the day.

I'll tell you all you need to know about how to deal with the Middle East and international terrorism, Mr. Obama, and I don't need expensive satellites, eavesdropping equipment, spies, a great big expeditionary force, or fifty douchebags in government gray three-piece suits carrying James Bond briefcases, and Cereal-box Batman Decoder Rings. I don't need $60 billion bucks, either; I'd settle for $1 billion (tax free) if and when my ideas are tried and found to work.

Here's how you treat any issue arising from the Middle East;

1. Start killing Muslims by the tens of thousands, right in the shitholes where they breed, at the first sign of trouble. Make them suffer horribly, and if and when they beg for mercy, kick 'em in the teeth, and repeat the process. Once the Muslim World has been reduced to a smoking wasteland of ashes, pulverized concrete, and starving dogs feeding on rancid corpses, you won't need to spend a whole lot of money spying on anyone there, because the survivors (if there are any) will be far too busy trying to remember how to walk upright and gathering insects for subsistence to entertain thoughts about bombing anyone or shouting "Death to America!"

The reasons why we haven't followed this surprisingly simple strategy are easy to understand:

a. We are afraid, as a culture, to face the truth about the nature of the enemy, and his motivations. This (War against Radical Islam) is not about some minuscule band of nutjobs that simply 'give Islam a bad name', nor is it just some politically-motivated movement of really-excitable people; it is a fight against a poisonous cultural and religious imperative that is inimical to every value we hold dear. These guys can't be negotiated with. They can't be bought off. They can't be democratized, and then traded with. Their goal is nothing less than our death as a culture, and if they can't arrange that, they'd be happy to settle for our enslavement.

Instead of recognizing the obvious -- the leaders of this crusade (not afraid to use that word!) have only been telling us what they intend for the last 50 years -- we chose to be willingly deaf, and to advance with Eyes Wide Shut. Why is it that no one is listening, or takingnote of the obvious? Because if you took the Ama-dada-doo-dads of the world at their word, someone might expect you to actually do something, and who the fuck wants to take action? Taking action means possibly making mistakes, and when you make mistakes, they talk badly about you in the newspapers and on FoxNews.

b. There is a streak of cowardice which runs through the political leadership of the West. Doing what is necessary, in this case fighting a war of annihilation, is simply something too terrible for them to contemplate. In European capitols this is understandable; they've been -- excuse the expression -- Ground Zero for two World Wars, and they are, literally, on the front lines in this fight; the Muslim populations of a good number of European cities is absolutely staggering. War is already on their doorstep, but their cultural memory of war is such that they shrink from the prospect of further violence.

I have news for you; these guys (the Terrorists and Islamonazis) aren't afraid to die, like we are. In fact, they're eager to die; when you kill them, you're doing them a favor and sending them to Heaven and hooking them up with the false Paradise their stinking excuse for a religion promises them. Killing them by the tens of thousands, in this regard, is not as terrible, as say, the useless and bloody experiences of the Somme, Verdun or Ypres, the mass slaughters on the Eastern Front or the Hurtgenwald, it's actually an undertaking which would make both parties happy: we get to continue our way of life, they get Martyrdom. Everybody's happy!

But, bearing that sort of history in mind, it is easy to see just why Europeans would shrink from the sort of violence necessary to win a war of this nature.

There is no excuse for such a cringing attitude in this country, however, which makes the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan so confusing. No American city has ever been bombed flat...or at least not yet, and one would assume we'd be less squeamish than pansy Frenchmen and Panty-wearing Belgians. It appears as if the original strategy for both wars was to give the appearance of a strong response to Islamic terrorism without actually responding strongly at all. Considering the length and apparent meager returns of both campaigns, one is left to wonder just when it is that the real war is going to begin in earnest. From my viewpoint, there hasn't been a War on Terror as much as there has been a Public Relations Exercise With Guns in the Middle East, and a steady assault upon the liberties of Americans at home. All excused and justified by the threat of a future terrorist attack.

Two consecutive Administrations have talked a good game about a War on Terror, but there's been very little useful action, all the purple thumbs not withstanding.

c. The people who hold and exercise political power in this country are committed, insanely, to an unworkable program of encouraging democracy in a part of the world where that term has no meaning -- unless it means that the people get to vote for Sharia Law and expanded Jihad, implemented under the auspices of the dictator of their own choice -- and where the institutions to create what a Westerner would recognize as a pluralistic, free-market democracy simply do not exist, and cannot be created swiftly. Not without a long-term, and probably-bloody, super-expensive and difficult occupation of the Middle East.

This should not be surprising as it has been evident for a very long time in the Western world that our own political institutions have been overrun and infected by a multitude of people who poorly understand both the nature and origins of democracy, themselves. Their attempts to democratize the Middle East, and their repeated, weak justifications for their hard-to-fathom (in-)actions to date, remind one of some new-and-improved-and-vaguely-defined version of the White Man's Burden; only this time the program is being handled not by the energetic and clever individuals who built, say, the British Empire, but by a bunch of drooling doofuses who can't articulate just what it is they do hope to accomplish, and who are too busy playing domestic politics with the issue to be bothered with such petty distractions like winning the war before claiming victory for this or that piece of it.

d. Let's be clear; these wars are about Oil and access to it. The terrorists are funded by the proceeds of petroleum, and the West, for a variety of insane and often-contradictory reasons, is addicted to the Middle Eastern variety; but we could shrug off the worst of this addiction in a relative heartbeat, if we really tried. Doing so, however, is politically impossible at present because neither Right nor Left is either honest about it's true motivations, nor ready to jettison most of it's own Sacred Cows. So, we're locked into a strategy of trying to negotiate with madmen, dangling the trinkets of democracy, diplomatic niceties, commerce, and friendship -- none of which they want or understand -- all the while denying that the true engine of this conflict is the Right's requirement of Middle Eastern oil to maintain it's technological and economic dominance (while crowing about Free Trade), and the Left's motivation which is to ensure that all the pollution, dirt, danger and poisons that come from drilling and refining crude oil -- and which make possible their cushy lifestyles -- to be the problem of some brown-skinned people so that we can posture about saving endangered fleas and have nice, clean parks. And this all happens while Leftists paradoxically crow about their concern for both the 'environment' and the welfare of the 'Third World'.

The first step in winning this war is to be honest about why we're in it, and exposing the bullshit political pathologies which guide and inform the people who supposedly run it.

2. Since international terrorists do not respect the distinctions between innocents and combatants, or the niceties of international borders and sovereignty, neither should we. If it becomes necessary, for example, to chase a terrorist from Afghanistan and into Pakistan, it should be done, and fuck the Pakistani government; if they were truly an ally, they would be going after these guys themselves.

This is a war where there is no battlefield, no well-defined and recognizable front lines, unless you remember that London, Madrid, and New York were made such by the enemy. In this war, the enemy has the initiative; he chooses where to strike, he chooses where to fight, and when we chase him from one battlefield (say Afghanistan), he quickly melts away to another (say, Somalia). This isn't the same bunch of ragheads hopping from country-to-country every time, either; it's a world-wide movement that springs up in another place just as soon as we're occupied elsewhere, and this is by design.

Al'Qaeda, much like McDonald's, is a franchise; you don't have to have met Usama Bin Hidin' personally, or been given orders from his own mouth, to open up a branch of Al'Qaeda...only a press release, and an atrocity. Which is why it is imperative to stop this nonsense about building schools, and bringing clean water to a guy who is your friend this week, and planting IED's the next; start doing some truly horrific violence to people, and the romantic allure of becoming a Junior Al'Qaeda quickly wears off. String together a series of truly-disgusting incidents of violence, and pretty soon either no one wants that McBomb Franchise anymore, or, even better, there's no one left to join the Jihad.

Being nice to these folks is not going to deter them. Recognizing their borders and sovereignty is a courtesy they certainly don't extend to us. Being sensitive to their feelings is tantamount to surrender. It should be the policy of this country that it will reserve the right to beat the piss out of terrorists wherever we find them, and we fucking double-dog-dare-you to stop us.

3. Since the terrorists, and the states which support them, don't give a damn about UN resolutions, international law, cultural sensibilities, etc., neither should we. The only way to win this thing -- permanently -- is to be just as ruthless as the enemy, and often, thrice as ruthless. This is not a war over some line on a map; it's about ridding the planet of a pernicious evil that is every bit as dangerous and deadly as any we've ever known.

This is not a rabble of discontented people fighting for their freedom or rights; it's the mass psychosis of an entire culture reaching it's boiling point and erupting all over the world, committed to the idea that it is a chosen group, born to rule, promised dominance by God. It will use unspeakable violence to achieve that goal, and it is aware of the fact that it cannot achieve it's victory in one fell swoop; it is prepared to spend decades, perhaps centuries, to achieve it's divine destiny. For this culture, perpetual warfare is something that will just have to be accepted as the price of success. That many will die, and good number of them will be committed to suicide as a tactic, is something they actually embrace. With enthusiasm.

Along the way, they will engage in the worst crimes a Westerner's fevered imagination can come up with; slavery, mass rape, genocide, mass destruction, looting, pillaging, beheading, floggings, mutilations, burning down entire cities, destruction of cultural icons (art, architecture, literature, etc.), theft and dislocation. Their motto, to paraphrase the Caliph who ordered the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, is "if it agrees with the Koran, it is not needed; if it does not agree with the Koran, it is not wanted...".

These assholes are not interested in our quaint notions of law, justice or diplomatic discourse; they want nothing less than to erase everything we hold dear or recognize as decent from human memory.

The West has dealt with enemies of this sort before. These are the New Huns. The New Nazis, Vandals, Visigoths, and Mongols. They are the New Breed of the Emperor-worshiping, fanatical, Kamikaze Japanese Militarists who had to be dug out of a hundred island strongholds, subdued by firebombing, bloody direct assaults, and atomic blasts. They are the Modern Day equivalent of the Aztec who had a perpetual need for slaves, flowing blood, and the beating hearts of their enemies -- a gift to their insatiable gods who gave them the imperative to conquer and kill in their names.

And while we dither, while we argue over the financial costs of wars we're barely fighting, as we argue about how to give free boob jobs to senior citizens and illegal immigrants, while we pretend to know what's in the hearts and minds of Muslims while blissfully ignoring the evidence of our eyes and ears to the contrary, while we pretend that we're dealing with people who are just like us, and who want the same things we do, and who are just jealous of our freedoms, they're arming themselves with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons; establishing contacts and alliances with the Enemies of Decency, the international drug cartels (Mexico, Columbia), the rogue states (North Korea),the criminal dictators of the world (Chavez, Khadaffi, Castro, Putin, et. al.), that will enable them to strike at us so much more easily and decisively when they're finally ready to do so -- all of it financed by The West itself, in the form of oil and drug money.

They've also infiltrated our societies, mostly because they were invited to do so, and work from within to weaken our resolve, tie us up in our own laws and pieties and suicidal need to be seen as 'nice', and if they can manage it, score a Trifecta of Insult by building a Mosque at Ground Zero, with federal funds, and with Western politicians and courts defending every overtly obnoxious, antagonistic gesture they make in the process. They laugh at us while they sap our morale and plan to kill us with our own money and institutions.

I promise; if you follow my plan, you'll see guaranteed results within 30 days, Mr. President...or your money (or rather, OUR money) back..


R said...

On more than a few occasions, with a couple of different circles of acquaintances, I’ve mentioned the following:

If the Taliban, Al Qaeda, radical Islam et al, had the same military arsenal and capability at their disposal as does the “West”… I believe that they’d utilize it unmercifully upon the West (or anyone else that they perceived as an enemy, threat, etc), roll over us without remorse, without thought or care in regards to places of worship, hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, institutions of learning, parks, playgrounds, other civilian non-combatant targets, and… the list goes on.

They aren’t impressed with a politically correct and “kinder-gentler” means and execution of waging war. They view that outlook as weak, and as a result, they view the West as being weak for not having the fortitude to exert its power… when it their minds, they are unwavering in their self-assuredness that if the tables were turned… they would exhibit no such weakness.

If you’re going to wage war with a full-fledged enemy, whose morays and ideology are at polarity with your way of life, no appeasement, and an all out trouncing is the only way to ensure a lasting victory (for at least a couple of generations), and to ascribe an acceptable level of “redeeming value” regarding the lives and limbs lost by the ones actively engaged in waging the war.

There are times that, the application of a band-aid to a cancerous growth may seem like a “feel-good” stop-gap… for the moment. But nevertheless, the virus spreads, despite the pretty pink band-aid.

You’re probably already aware of this, but…

The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA is in their manifesto… and their minions have been here for decades:

“The process of settlement [of Islam in the United States] is a "Civilization-Jihadist" process with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that all their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" their miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who choose to slack.”

Needless to say, the blind, and the ones with a world-order agenda, and apologists in general, call me a “phobe“, a hawk, war-monger, needlessly concerned, overreacting, etc, etc. Citing one minor example, like the following seems to only exacerbate their opinion of my take on things:

Pew Research Center survey:
82% favor stoning people who commit adultery;
77% favor whippings/cutting off hands for theft and robbery;
84% favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim religion;
95% support a major role for the Islam/Sharia in politics… and 98% hate Jews.

The Religion of Peace.

Matthew said...

Agreed, R. And thanks for responding!