Monday, May 02, 2011

It's Worked So Well For New Yorkistan, After All...

Detroitizan? Santa Detroito?

This is why no politican should be allowed to serve a SECOND term, let alone a THIRD.

Detroit can have Mayor Doucheberg, in addition to all these new immigrants -- if they'll have him -- and the combination of strange food, disgusting smells and Obnoxious Regal Busy-Body Jerkoff With a Billion Bucks and No Brains which has certainly done wonders (not!) for my hometown can safely work it's magic someplace no one cares about, out of view of decent human beings.

There's a reason why Detroit is already a Third World city: it's been run by the sure-as-shit-to-fail-and-super-destructive combination of the Unions, Democrats, and The Recipient Class. Adding a few million new recipient classes ain't gonna make it any better, and the only advantage to the whole thing might be that at least all the scumbags would be in one place for convenient nuking.

Including Mayor Bloomdouche.

What an asshole.

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Mr. Chap said...

I can't believe he said that. What he doesn't know is Detroit did that for the Arabs. They took all their money to Dearborn and is now home of the largest Arab community in the country. They didn't have to pay taxes for 7 years and after that they put the business in a family member's name and so on.