Monday, May 02, 2011

The Left Hand Know Not What The Right Doeth...

Mark Steyn on the Debt Ceiling thingy. Your government is run by ignoramuses,and it's your fault; you have voted for people who can't add or subtract, and who believe that giving money to poor and stupid people to waste on rims, gold teeth, and pork rinds is an enlightened social policy.

The First Step towards True  Economic Recovery is to cut up the Government credit cards. Call your Congresscritter and tell the bastard to vote 'No' on raising the debt ceiling. Second Step: get on him or her about the Budget-- no spending that isn't absolutely necessary.  Third Step: remember that there are these things called 'elections' that we hold every so often, and try to convince yourself to vote for the person who seems smarter than your cat -- the one that looks like he/she might be able to do basic math -- and forget the rest. Forget the One-Issue-Demogoging, the Interesting Personal Story, the Fascinating Racial Mix, the Good Speech, The Sun-the-Moon-and-the-Stars Promises That You Don't Have to Pay For.

Vote for competent people who can spell their own names without assistance. If you're incapable of doing that, for some reason, then do us all a favor, and don't vote at all. 

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Mr. Chap said...

Yeah, I've been on the Representative for this area since I moved here. I often remind him that some voters are aware of what's going on around here. I also encourage the locals to pay attention to their local politics.

(Even though it's futile. This is the deep south.)