Monday, May 02, 2011

Usama Bin Laden Death Round-up...

Bin Laden Buried at Sea?

It didn't work for Megatron, you know. Bin Laden's stinking, syphilitic, bullet-riddled corpse should have been hung from a meat hook in Times Square, getting the Full Mussolini.

Was Burial At Sea Islamically-Correct? Who gives a fuck? Personally, I would have desecrated the bastard's corpse in the public square, on World-Wide Television, and who gives a fig about Islamic sensibilities? The Jihadis have no regards for ours, after all.

Some Libtards are declaring the War on Terror Officially over with the execution of UBL. This is the "Mission Accomplished" moment of people who for the last 10 years have questioned the efficacy and propriety of American military operations in the Islamic world, the chance for the rabid and vapid anti-War Left who vilified George W. Bush on a daily basis to do what they've always wanted to; stop fighting an enemy who has made it clear that they aren't interested in negotiating with us, or in being our friends.

They're wrong. Bin Laden is dead, but there's still a billion potential footsoldiers who might follow in his footsteps, and they're being funded by America's dependence upon Muslim Oil, and the international Opium Trade. Wars don't often end because the Generals are dead; this one will only end when we're either the slaves of a New Caliphate, or they're all pushing up the daisies.


Mr. Chap said...

You know what, Mr. M, I thought the lingo began to sound like this was a victory of some sort. Like maybe the days of our junk being touched at the airport were over.

Matthew said...

Oh, hell no! Having gone through all the trouble of setting up a new,lavishly-funded bureaucracy, and unionizing it (TSA), the government wil insist we get groped from now until St. Swiven's Day.

There are three things that are certain in Life: Death, taxes, and no bureaucracy once created will ever die.