Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment...

By now everyone should have heard about Herman Cain's little trouble with some allegations of randiness. I won't recap the whole, sordid...ahem...affair, because the facts are still in question, as are the circumstances, and the story still needs some time to play out fully before comments are made by me.

I'd like to make a few observations:

1. You just knew this was coming, eventually. As soon as Herman began to make some hay ahead of the primaries, you knew someone was going to find something to slime him with. Good going, Mitt Romney (I assume), you might have just handed America back to Barack Obama, or more likely, to Hillary Clinton when she beats the snot out of Obama in the Leftard Special Olympics (then again, maybe it was the Clinton people who put this out here? Something to think about...)

2. In my (limited) experience, most lawsuits involving allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment are total bullshit. They are usually filed by sack-of-shit-lying-douchebags who don't get rewarded to their liking for doing a mediocre job, or by people who are too stupid to make it in Corporate America the old-fashioned way: with hard work, talent, and effort.

In the case of sexual harassment suits, you'll usually find them originating with women who have a higher opinion of themselves than what might otherwise be considered reasonable, and which can often border on the disturbing. More often than not, these suits are filed by women looking to get even with someone -- a boss who may have just gotten on the bad side of Betty Sue's menstrual cycle today, an ex-lover who's continued presence in the office reminds her of her mistakes  -- and are often used as a means of legal blackmail. The point is to make the allegation (which is usually almost-impossible to prove one way or the other) and then wait for the settlement, because that's cheaper than paying lawyers to litigate.

In Herman's case, the allegations reach back into the 1990's, which if my memory serves, was the Golden Age of Sexual Harassment suits. No one heard of sexual harassment before Anita Hill (since proven to be a liar and a crank; I mean, who puts public hairs on soda cans, and thinks it's a turn on? Really! You gonna tell me that wasn't made up by some lunatic?), and it was all we heard right up until the rage in the business community was a 'Commitment to Diversity', the second biggest pile of dogshit in America. It's mostly all about using victimhood, or creating a perception of victimhood, to prise cash out of someone's wallet.

3. If the reports are accurate, Cain can't even respond to the allegations because there's a non-disclosure agreement in force. So this makes it a doubly-dirty trick.

4. Who gives a shit? I mean, if democrats want to say that this sort of allegation means Herman Cain isn't qualified to be President of the United States, I have two words to say in response:

Bill Clinton.

You can't sit there and compare Herman Cain to a plead-guilty-to-avoid-conviction liar, serial adulterer and alleged rapist. You Dimwits thought Billy was fine when he was shoving cigars up the hired help's backsides, so you should shut the fuck up. Don't get me started on the Kennedys, either.

If you're a 'real' conservative (small 'c' intentional) and believe that such alleged disgusting and immoral behavior constitutes a character flaw which precludes Cain's ascendancy to the Office of President, then please kindly explain your hypocritical support of Senator Bob Packwood when he was kicked out of the Senate for sexual harassment? And anyway some of you people probably still think Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Baker, and that Gay Televangelist Dude are still going to be saved by Jesus.

If you're one of those people who are easily offended and in fact live your life in such a way as to actively seek offense so that you can walk around in a sanctimonious manner (and you know who you are!), I would say to you: who cares what you think? Who made you the most important people on Planet Earth? It's people like you that helped fuck everything up in the first place, so shut it.

This is what happens when you're winning, Herman, so get used to it. In the meantime, I'm fairly certain that most Americans with more than two braincells to rub together -- unless they're at one of the Occupy Wall Street Circle Jerks -- couldn't care less about something that happened twenty years ago, because they have more pressing concerns in the present.

My advice to Mr. Cain is this: if you did, indeed, do something wrong, then fess up to it right away and fuck what your lawyers tell you. If you didn't, then demand that the anonymous (cowardly) sources that made the accusations step forward and put whatever proof -- that's beyond-reasonable-doubt proof, not the usual Libtard rigmarole of loose threads and conspiracy theory woven together into a controversy with no point -- on the table, otherwise, they'd best shut the fuck up, too.

Until someone proves something, Herman Cain is still my man.

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