Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Pot Calls The Kettle Black, Part LVII...

Who let Maxine Waters out of her cage?

This...I hesitate to call it a lady…is one of the most dangerous people in America today. Her mixture of paralyzing stupidity, bulletproof self-loathing, deep psychological issues, and permanent menstrual cycle leave her unfit to serve as anything but the crazy bag lady you see wiping her ass with a newspaper in the subway station on your way to work.

This…thing…is running around loose, unhinged, full of spite and bile, like a female version of Jared Loughner, or Lee Harvey Oswald, seeking to assassinate characters (however, in the case of Boehner and Cantor, we must concede that this is a relatively small target) in much the same way as those lunatics tried to assassinate (allegedly) people.

I find it puzzling and troubling that someone should assail the character of others completely oblivious to the fact that they have none of their own.

This obviously-unhinged person shouldn’t be let anywhere near a Congressional committee chair. The great tragedy of Maxine Waters is that she represents a district that is obviously lousy with like-minded individuals which leads one to despair of the current state of mental health services in this country, not to mention the apparent lack of jail space in California.

If you ever needed an argument in favor of birth control, just put a picture of Maxine Waters up someplace, and keep a puke bucket handy. Waters is one symptom of what’s wrong with America today; she’s allowed, even excused and defended in some quarters, to behave in this fashion because she’s black. It’s about time America got over it’s obsession and irrational guilt with the past and started calling a Spade a Spade (Yeah, I said it!): the biggest racists in America today are BLACK, mind-numbingly dumb, and occupy what are supposed to be respectable positions.

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