Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Is Why The Public Schools Suck, Part III...

Unionized moron with an education degree turns her 10-year-old students into pen pals for her imprisoned boyfriend.

An imprisoned boyfriend, incidentally, once accused of being a child pornographer, with a history of violence against women.

By the way, this asshole earns $75,000 a year, complete with a gold-plated benefits and retirement package that would make most people salivate. This deranged doofus was put in charge of someone's children?

You can count upon her union to defend her to the death, naturally, because the union doesn't give a shit about child safety -- it exists to ensure that the stupid have high-paying jobs, and to collect dies with which to buy politicians -- and due to the Byzantine Rules regarding the discipline/firing of demonstrably unfit teachers in this city, she'll continue to collect that paycheck, and accrue those benefits, for many years to come. All while being relegated to a "rubber room" where she'll probably start her own kiddie-porn-and-inmate-open-pal business on the taxpayer dime.

You can more easily split atoms in your bathroom using common household appliances and the stuff from under the kitchen sink than you can fire an incompetent/dangerous teacher in this City.

If I hear one more Libtard complain that the schools are underfunded, I’ll wring someone’s neck.

The schools aren’t underfunded: they’re expensively overstaffed with complete retards like this one. Retards, incidentally, usually drawn from the lowest-performing quintile of college students. Fact: education majors were typically the worst college students. You can look that up, assuming you weren’t educated in a NYC public school and can, therefore, read, and haven't been raped by a child predator aided and abetted by your 4th-grade English teacher.

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