Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh, Dear God, Make it GO AWAY....

Sarah Palin: I might run in a brokered convention, or something, you betcha, wink, wink.

I am so thoroughly sick of this woman. She makes you wish the moose could shoot back.

I wouldn't follow Sarah Palin through my own front door, even if she were butt-naked, horny as all hell and bragging about her lack of a gag reflex, and she arrived with truckload of Jack Daniels and gold bricks, complete with a great big birthday card addressed to me stuck to it.

Sarah Palin should just do her job as a commentator on Fox, and be content with the idea that she's able to make a great living after having been an also-ran and quitter.

I once defended Sarah Palin against the unfair attacks of the Left upon her and her family on this page, but can muster up the energy to do so no more. I am virtually exhausted by the thought of Sarah Palin, and find her voice to be more irritating than a cheese grater, drenched in turpentine, vigorously rubbed against my scrotum.

Please, go the fuck away, already.

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