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Seven Reasons Why Barack Obama Will Be Remembered As The Worst President Ever....

Pity Barack Obama. No, should.

It can't be easy to be the President of the United States, particularly at this point in history: there is economic turmoil; the country is embroiled in three wars; political will in this country is divided and misdirected; you're married to that walking menstrual cycle.

If there's anything that our Commander-in-Chump is probably thankful for, it has to be an electorate that's too stupid to realize either it's true priorities or the depths of it's own stupidity. That is, after all, how he got elected in the first place.

Both are important factors in explaining the rise of Barack Obama from obscure backbench Senator just hoping to skate by quietly without anyone noticing that he was there, to Barack Obama the about-to-be-crowned-absolute-worst-President-in- American History.

You know that you must be the biggest fuck-up ever when people begin praying -- often publicly --- that you're slide mercifully stops just short of Jimmy Carter-like levels of ineffectual and forgettable.

But, you know what? It's not all Barry's fault. Yes, yes, I know; he's been saying that since Day One, but my issue with all that finger-pointing and deflection of just criticism is not based upon his choice of favorite targets -- George W. Bush and republicans, in general (although they do have much to answer for) -- but that President Marriott-Suites is seemingly incapable of mustering the intellectual honesty required to admit his failings.

I don't think Barack Obama is a bad man; he's simply a stupid one, and unfortunately, that type predominates in American politics. The saddest part of the Obama Years is that in the process of revealing the shallow numbskull factor inherent in our present leaders, no one has yet made the case that we -- the voting public -- are even bigger dunces, because we put those people in leadership positions in the first place.

It was almost a forgone conclusion in the Late Fall of 2008 that circumstances would conspire to elevate this Walking Contradiction, this Incompetent Nincompoop, this Man Who Arrives at a Battle of Wits Completely Disarmed, this Democratic Dipshit, to the highest office in all the land. After all, the electorate saw economic disaster, political disarray and rancor, a War on Terror that was short on War and had much of the Terror bit overblown, and the only choices we had were between an Aging Cold Warrior who, on a good day, was quite capable of changing his spots more often than most people change their underwear and sticking daggers into the backs of his own, a Post-Sexual-Revolution-Doormat-in-a-Crusty-Pants-Suit whose only talent was for telling you what you wanted to hear, as the pollsters told her you wanted to hear it -- and her horndog husband -- and a Blank Slate, an Empty Vessel into which you could pour your most fervent hopes and aspirations.

It now appears in retrospect that Hillary Clinton was, as much as it pains me to say this, perhaps the better choice in 2008, but only in that lesser-of-three-evils way. However, the People Thus Spake, and they spake on behalf of a man who promised much, delivered little, and seems set to drag the United States into a hell never before seen in the History of the World. but hey; you chose Tabula Rasa and took your chances.

Now, three-plus years later, we can begin the vivisection of what we hope will be the Obama Administration Corpse, and perhaps in this postmortem learn exactly where we went wrong by understanding where He went wrong. Without much further ado, here are Seven Reasons Why Barack Obama Will be Remembered as The Absolute Worst President Ever:

1. Obama Never Expected To Win the Primaries, let alone the General Election: I have a theory: in the beginning, Barack Obama was, to put it simply, the democratic party version of Ron Paul. That is to say, Obama's presence in the race was designed to attack Hillary Clinton from the left, and in so doing, pre-empt her expected and dreaded Pivot to the Center.

Obama was supposed to be the mouthpiece for the Dingbat Wing of the democratic (small 'd' intentional) Party, that year's version of Ralph Nader, the figurehead that was intended to soothe the savage fears of the aging hippies, the No-Nukers, the Communism-was-a-good-idea-only-poorly-executed crowd. His job was to ensure that Clinton didn't get too comfortable, and start sounding like a Republican, something she had been doing round about, oh....September 12, preparation for 2008's run.  Obama was supposed to present the Leftard case in a way that would produce a left-of-Center Hillary Clinton instead of the one she truly is, which is a Stick-my-finger-in-the-air-and-see-which-way-the-wind-is-blowing-today Leftard -- that is to say, merely a Leftist of Opportunity.

In this regard, Obama probably did not expect to advance very far, or even to garner much attention. Hillary, schooled in the opportunist's style of politicking made famous by her husband, would get the message from the Far Left, which was "If you don't start standing up for Socialism, you will not get our votes".

Once Obama began to receive some buzz and to make headway against Clinton, someone got it in their demented heads that he could actually win, and given the monumental stupidity and arrogance of his democratic opponents and the absolute worst Republican Candidate one could create outside of Frankenstein's laboratory, Obama the Long Shot became Obama The Lookin' Pretty Good. The problem was that while Obama's people had a plan to turn obscure doofus who read other people's speeches into Presidential Contender, they had no plan to turn Presidential Contender into effective Chief Executive.

The Obama Administration hit the ground flailing, with no central plan for anything. Oh, they had a theme, of course, and they keep recycling it in pretty little slogans and marketing memes (Yes We Can, Fairness, The 99 Percent, The Rich vs. the Poor, It's Not Our Fault, First Black President, etc., etc.), but they did not have a central plan to tackle the three most-pressing problems: Economic trouble, War, Public Division.

This is why, when Economics should have been front-and-center in American Life, the people around Obama pushed for Obamacare and a Pay Off the Support Groups Disguised as Stimulus Plan run by Rahm Emanuel, instead. It's why Winning the War and bringing the Troops Home ASAP somehow involved repeating George W. Bush's "surge" strategy in Afghanistan, and keeping Gitmo and the Patriot Act and all the rest. It's why Barack Obama leapt head-first into the Louis Henry Gates Kerfuffle -- taking a Brother's Side without any facts -- without even thinking about it.

In other words, all the Obama Titanic team did was a) recycle Clinton-era social programs and politically-based spending plans, b) keep Bush's policies, and c) revert to the default position of the American left, which is that any time a disagreement arises between White and Black, the White must be wrong and made to pay for it because this is a Racist Country. When they did try to enact a policy of their own, it was, typically, slapdash, cobbled together at the last moment, poorly presented, hidden behind deliberate obfuscation, which all combined to ensure you that it was, indeed, Amateur Hour at the White House. To this day, no one in the Obama Administration can answer a solitary question about "landmark legislation", like Obamacare, primarily, because it's a Rube Goldberg contraption hastily thrown together at the last minute, and rushed through the deliberative process, embellished by this or that favored group or interest along the way, and after the fact.

The Obama people had no plan. I say "The Obama People" because there was nothing in Barack Obama's (largely manufactured) background to suggest that he -- the Man himself -- had ever planned anything. The proof of this assertion is that three years later, Obama still can't explain anything his administration has done. Either Barry can't come out and tell the truth, or he simply, doesn't know what's been done in his name, or worse, he really doesn't give a damn. He turned his administration over to Rahm, Nancy and Harry, and all he had to do was to take the credit (he thought) for it.

Which is apropos, when you consider Point Number Two:

2. Barack Obama is the First Affirmative Action President: and now we see the results of Affirmative Action. In fact, we may be seeing the true costs and effects of Affirmative Action on The Whole of American Life, and it is a portent of what will be for decades still to come.

Our President is a Constitutional Scholar who apparently has never read that document, and if he has, regards it as little more than Kleenex. Our President is the former president of the Harvard Law Review, and perhaps the first of that stature to never have had a legal paper published -- anywhere. In fact, you can't even get copies of Barack Obama's transcripts from his days in the Ivy League. Hell, you can't even get a Birth Certificate out of him.

After all, it takes a true Ivy-league-trained consitutional scholar to incorrectly lecture the Supreme Court on it's traditional and constitutionally-defined role.

Barack Obama never held a job outside of government or academia, fields that are notorious for promoting people on the basis of Race, regardless of qualification, or for simple Public Relations, and into which the money flows in an extractive fashion, rather as a consequence of competence and hard work.

You don't have to make a payroll when you're a Community Organizer, you just accept the extorted tax money. You don't have to make decisions when you're a University Professor, you just take the grants and the tuition money. And it's not like anyone will ever call you out on anything; you're not held to the same standards as people who actually work for a living, and you don't need to show a profit or a tangible result at the end of the day.

So why shouldn't Barack Obama labor under the misapprehension that results don't matter? Look how far he's come without having to show any! Why shouldn't Barack Obama misunderstand the basis of wealth, the inner workings of the Free Market, the basic Laws of Economics? He's been engaged in fields which are the beneficiaries of disposable wealth -- often wealth made 'disposable' by the dictates of government -- and hasn't had to concern himself with such trifling details such as "where does the money come from?" and "how does money actually work?"

Barack Obama must believe, literally, that Money Grows On Trees, because he sure as hell doesn't understand that if you spend a trillion we don't have and then borrow another trillion, and spend it all twice, there cannot be any serious pretense about "cutting the Federal Deficit".

Obama has been protected from failure all of his life. His race (and for Pete's Sake, he's only HALF black) has insulated him from the realities of the world his entire adult life. He gets into Harvard on Affirmative Action, he achieves Legal Stature on Affirmative Action, no one corrects him when he's wrong because it's politically incorrect to criticize a (half-) black man, and when he fails as a President, it's all because of racism, partisan politics, or a miscommunication to the American People, not because he's a flying dunce in way over his head.

I surmise that Barack Obama isn't qualified to run the Night Shift at your local Taco Bell, let alone a country. I ask you -- and I'll be accused of the most blatant racism for asking the question -- when, in the entire History of Planet Earth, has a democratic, prosperous, secure, wealthy, politically-united country ever been run by a black man? Even a half black one? Especially one who came to power with no record whatsoever of tangible, provable, quantifiable achievement that didn't involve the recitation of time-worn Socialist tropes, the well-burnished ideology of Post-Colonialism, the incessant railing against the evils of Capitalism, the outright racially-charged rhetoric, and perhaps a massacre of his political enemies -- or maybe some inconvenient ethnic minorities -- to boot?

If you can name one, I'll eat my own crap and post the video on YouTube.

Barack Obama is not a do-er. He's never had to be. Barack Obama is not one to take charge or responsibility, because he's never had to. He's skated his entire life on a thin sheet of ice which consists largely of reverse discrimination disguised as enlightened and just public policy. Barack Obama got where he is because irrationally guilty, paternalistic white liberals put him there, and he's never had to do a thing besides flash his mixed ethnic heritage to get it.

Hell, we're talking about a guy who "won" a Nobel Peace Prize for simply being (half-) black! Talk about Affirmative Action?

3. Obama Was Not Prepared By Training, Temperament or Experience to be President: then again, being a product of Affirmative Action and braindead Liberalism prepares no one for much of anything, except dependence upon government.

Check out the resume:

A Community Organizer, by trade, is a professional rabble-rouser, and all too frequently, a government subsidized rabble-rouser.

A short stint in the upper reaches of Academia prepares one for nothing except arguing with other academics. The Ivory Tower of Academia resembles the real world not one iota.

Illinois State Senator is sort of like being the Executive Vice President in Charge of Potted Palms and Vending Machines at a Fortune 500: it's not a real job, per se, and you don't really do anything important, but we had to find some place to put the incompetent boobs where they couldn't do much harm and the job of CEO was already taken.

Junior Senator from Illinois is sort of like being an Assistant Pallbearer at someone's funeral. You simply stand around and wait for the other guy to eventually trip up and hurt himself, and then you simply escort the corpse that last ten feet to the grave.

And it gets worse; if you drill down into the Obama Voting Record you find....nothing. The man never took a stand on anything, unless you count the repeated non-committal votes of "Present" as a burning endorsement of this or that policy. Barack Obama might possibly have had even less of a Senatorial record than anyone named Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards, and yet, somehow democrats consider these people uniquely qualified for the job of President.

Barack Obama is an intellectual lightweight, with no core principles except those of the seasoned apparatchik Leftard (i.e. what do I need to espouse today to get my ticket punched?). Despite the attempts of the American media to paint Barack Obama as some sort of saint, an enlightened savior, it has been painfully obvious to anyone with three functioning braincells that the man is not much more than a hole in the air.

Holes in the Air with no record and no outward principles do not Great Leaders make.

4. Barack Obama Doesn't Do Anything, and Is Easily Led By Those Around Him: After all, that's what everyone around him is for. To do things. They do the work, they take the heat, they do all the heavy lifting, Barry simply takes the praise -- on those rare occasions where there is any -- and deflects the criticism, which is almost constant.

That's how this is supposed to work.

Again, I hate to beat a dead horse, but this is exactly what one would expect from someone whose entire life has been shameless self-promotion and the avoidance of work or responsibility. It's even worse when you add the feeling of entitlement that comes with the inoculation of Affirmative Action.

Massive Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico? Barack Obama tells Eric Holder to sue someone, and then goes on vacation.

Thwarted terrorist Attack? Barack Obama takes credit for the work of the NYPD, ordinary civilians, the U.S. Military, refers questions on details to Janet Napolitano and Eric holder...then goes on vacation.

Unemployment Numbers Rising? Barack Obama insists, despite the evidence, that wasting a trillion dollars on Leftard-inspired projects like Turtle Tunnels under the Interstate, solar energy companies that couldn't line up private financing because their business model sucked, nationalizing the auto industry, restricting the banking and financial sector, and attempting to nationalize health care, were fantastic policies that have resulted in an economic explosion of new jobs...then he goes on vacation, again.

The Country is embroiled in two Wars that No One Seems Interested in Winning, and which you ran against as a Candidate? No problem: start a third in Libya, threaten a fourth or fifth in Syria or Yemen, refer all questions to the Pentagon and Sate Department, hen send Michelle on a junket to Spain with an entourage of 1,000 on the taxpayer dime, or something.

The Iranians won't stop making nukes and threaten war on Israel and to close the Straits of Hormuz? No worries; slough your "diplomatic efforts" off on the Europeans (people even less effective than you are) and go play 50 or so rounds of golf. So much for that Nobel Peace prize, huh?

Railing against the inequality of the Capitalist system, and the propensity of corporate fat cats (you know, the ones who bought your election?) to party hard in Las Vegas at the expense of shareholders? No problem: let government employees party hearty in Vegas on the Taxpayer dime and finally bring equality between Public and Private Sector, refer all questions to the agency that actually wasted the money in the first place while tut-tutting, then go skiing in Vail, or take two weeks in Hawaii, or somesuch.

Think about it: we're up to, what?, 35 "Czars" or something? In other words, 35 unelected, unanswerable people charged with doing things on behalf of Barack Obama? Who carried the water on ObamaCare? Nancy, Harry and Rahm, of course. Who carried the load on "Financial Reform"? a Senator this-close to an indictment and a guy who won't even run for re-election because he knows he can't win. And to do even those things they needed to re-write the Parliamentary Process on the fly. Obama played golf and avoided the Press.

What does Barack Obama do? Besides whine about hard it is to be him, pick up paychecks, go to fundraisers, accept honorarium he hasn't earned, and claim that everything is always some else's fault? He's behaving like a spoiled, mollycoddled, petulant child, which is exactly what you would expect from a died-in-the-wool Libtard, no accomplishment to his name, affirmative action by-product.

Obama's fingerprints are on nothing, and when this administration is finally done and we get to see the papers and crap that go into the Presidential Library, we'll finally find out that the Administration was really run by four chimpanzees (including Joe Biden) and driven on the basis of memos generated by low-level staffers in direct communication with various Left-wing special interest groups or via an AOL Libtard chatroom. The worst President in History will, eventually, escape blame for the disastrous effects of his tenure because someone else was always responsible, and Obama was merely the mouthpiece. History, I'm sure, will prove me correct on this account.

5. Obama is Wedded to a Political Ideology That Went out of Fashion Some Time Ago: European Socialism was never an effective method by which to deal with society's ills. It simply swept many systemic and cultural problems under the rug, safely hidden away where people were then polite enough to never mention them in public again.

The problem with socialism, as Lady Thatcher once put it, is that you eventually run out of other people's money. To be fair, Barack Obama is not the first Leftard socialist to come down the pike, but he is, indeed, perhaps the worst. Mostly because his politics do not end at a graceful landing at Socialist Central, for they are tinged with the self-professed 'painful' memories of the Father He never Knew, the pie-eyed optimistic stupidity of his hippie Mother, and the Fire-and-Brimstone-Red-in-Tooth-And-Claw Communism of the grandparents who raised him.

The man has known nothing but grievance his entire life. He was raised with it. He took it in with his Mother's Milk. He marinated in it as a young, radical student. He used it to advance himself despite any evidence of talent or industry. Grievance, just or not, is what got Barack Obama to where he is, and therefore, grievance is all he knows. The only halfway-viable political philosophies that are based upon grievance are Socialism and the so-called Social Justice folderol pushed by the militant old guard Civil Rights set. So, naturally, this is where an angry young man with no anchors or core beliefs finds himself so easily led.

And yet, there is one more grievance in Obama's soul, the one that is never spoken about in polite company, the one that left a cut so deep that it was easily inflamed by the lightweight intellect and limited vocabulary of Jesse Jackson, who once quipped, as he has of countless others, that Barack Obama was not "authentically black". This stings all the more because it was delivered by someone Obama desperately wanted to be -- that is, someone who gets rich on the misery of others without having to actually do anything to alleviate said suffering --- and because for all the "I'm Black, too" rhetoric of Obama, he knows it to be true in the depths of whatever he calls a soul.

For he knows that when Jesse and Reverend Al, and worst of all, his former mentor Reverend Wright use the words 'authentically black" he knows that they don't mean him. They don't identify with a half-black, Harvard graduate, raised in painfully middle-class circumstances in Hawaii, who speaks with perfect diction, and who apparently is a very good father to his own children. To people like Jackson, et. al., Obama's rise was little more than symbolism to a racial racket that swims in a sea of ineffectual symbolism...until he won...and then Obama became, retroactively, the Zeus of the Civil Rights Olympus. Only with strings that could be more easily pulled.

Obama's policies are all intended to be giveaways that ingratiate him to the Black Community which, deep inside, actually rejects him. Where they aren't true giveaways, they are intended to present the appearance of economic activity while wasting precious resources without actually raising anyone's standard of living. If the Poor can't be made Richer, then by gum, the Rich can be made Poorer. This is not a bug in Socialism or Social Justice; it is the major feature. If people cannot be made truly equal in terms of wealth or opportunity, then they surely can be made equally miserable. The truly unique thing about Obama, however, is that he managed to sell this deliberate program of economic suicide --spreading the wealth means spreading the pain -- to a desperate nation in speeches which, while containing many words, meant absolutely nothing to anyone who was truly listening.

This is the hallmark of the Socialist to promise much but to deliver little other than fiery rhetoric, and when called on the carpet for non-performance, to demonize largely-imaginary or politically unpopular enemies. In Lenin's day, the Revolution was delayed by "Bourgeoisie Reactionaries and Counter-revolutionaries", in Obama's time Hope and Change (as were Clinton's "Change You Can Believe In") is deliberately resisted by "The Rich", "Wall Street", and "The One Percent" and "Republicans who drove the car into a ditch and want the keys back". Who, exactly, are these people? Do they have a face? Can you identify them by name? Or are they just an amorphous blob, a convenient prop?

Somehow, it never occurs to Obama that he spends at least three nights a week taking money from the very same people at rubber-chicken fundraisers, that he's surrounded himself with tax cheats, and that he rubs elbows with the CEO of a GE that paid virtually no corporate taxes for ages, and another who's been fighting the IRS in the courts for a decade. Of course, hypocrisy is nothing new in Leftist circles, in politics in general, for that matter, but you would think that a President who came to power largely on the basis of promising to punish people who have wealth just because they have it and others don't, would be more circumspect about being seen begging the very same for money.

Then again, hypocrisy and utilitarianism are the second and third hallmarks of the Socialist.

Poor Barack Obama: a racial anomaly caught between two worlds that he can never be truly a part of, espousing the revolutionary zeal of an unknown, absentee father, raised by complete lunatics who railed against capitalism and yet lived in decidedly bourgeoisie comfort in a tropical paradise. Raised in a system that didn't care if he was a dunce, so long as he could be used as a sop to those obsessed with race; using race in order to advance a lackluster "career" of parasitism, and finally, infused with a sense of his own Perfection because he's surrounded by complete dolts likewise obsessed with race, and cleaving to the outdated, Leftist notion of the Cult of Personality. It's a wonder, to me anyway, that when leftists indulge this penchant for personality over substance, they seem to pour their devotion into figures who so obviously lack both. No wonder Obama hasn't a clue, and is often lost in his own mirror reflection and the reverberation of his own meaningless words.

6. Obama is the Prototypical Post-Hippie Intellectual With No Intellect: The generation that came of age during the 1960's and '70's is, perhaps, the worst generation of human beings this world is yet to see.

I do not make that charge lightly, given the historical facts of the Russian Communists, the Nazis, The Huns, The Mongol Hoardes, The Spanish Inquisition, The Vandals, Japanese Kamikaze pilots, The Khmer Rouge, and the Spice Girls, but when you stop to consider the cumulative damage done to a society and a culture by a single generation of people, no one has been more destructive -- and mindlessly so -- than those people we quaintly refer to as "Baby Boomers".

The Baby Boomer generation is identified by possession, in spades, of five omnipresent and persistent personality traits:

a. A propensity to treat Ethics as if they were made of rubber. This is largely due to the 1960's counter-culture's rejection of all things traditional, and a reflection of it's mantra "If it feels it.". If you need to know how this affects your life, take note: the people in positions of authority who presided over the Housing Bubble are Baby Boomers. The majority of the current crop of politicos making decisions which ruin your life on a daily basis, and who insist that spending borrowed money four times over is sound economics, are Baby Boomers. The people indoctrinating your kids at State University -- where prices are high, and achievement is low -- are Baby Boomers. The people who lie to you on the evening news are Baby Boomers, or at least, they're told what to say by Baby Boomers. I rest my case.

b. A deep and abiding self-worth which is often divorced from the reality of having done anything to actually merit such a high opinion of oneself. This over-estimation of self-worth is, unfortunately, the natural by-product of a mollycoddled generation given every material comfort imaginable and then addicted to drugs and sex as a means of "escape".

c. A persistent belief that Eternal Youth is possible, especially if someone else pays for it. In this case, Eternal Youth is measured largely in avoiding minor-but-irritating maladies that older generations suffered in silence, preferably by taking some super-expensive pill, and in a false currency of erections and orgasms. The primacy of this ideal -- Eternal Youth for Free, with Lots of Sex, whilst avoiding the creaky prostate and mesothelioma that killed my parents at all costs -- is at the very foundation of every initiative undertaken by a Baby Boomer.

d. A delusional belief that the "Me Generation" had achieved vital and important milestones in the march of human civilization which, after deep study and due dilligence, I am singularly unable to identify in retrospect.

e. A refusal to take responsibility for anything. This is the Generation of No-Fault Divorce, No-Fault Auto Insurance, Latchkey Kids, Studio 54, The Anti-War Movement, all are manifestations of this desire to avoid personal responsibility. The Anti-War Hippies of the 1960's will tell you they fought for peace; what they "fought" for was the right to avoid military service which ruins your buzz. The current manifestation of that movement, resurrected as the "Occupy" nonsense, is simply a mass movement of the braindead, who have been indoctrinated in college by the Aging Boomers, who then take center stage at these rallies in an attempt to relive the tragic (and they believe "romantic") waste of their own youths. The message today is the same as that nearly 50 years ago: Do it to someone else, But Not me.

Barack Obama never takes responsibility for anything, Everything is always someone else's fault. He's never done anything wrong; when things don't work out as planned or are inadequately explained (and often inexplicable), it's always a matter of partisan politics, or resistance from whatever group it's fashionable to hate today, it's George W. Bush's fault, it's Republicans' fault, the dog ate his homework, yada, yada, yada.

Try to ask Obama a direct question and pin an answer on him and he gets all smugly indignant, as if you have some nerve trying to hold him to some sort of standard. Criticize Obama and you get the usual litany of "it's not my fault" followed by a concerted campaign of public approbation and denunciation, often vicious, but always childish. It is the reaction of a person who comes from a generation that has never believed that responsibility ever attached directly to them, and who invented a whole mode of philosophic tropes to reinforce the notion that someone else is always responsible, i.e. "Society", "The Government', et. al.

Obama is the primordial existential Baby Boomer, and he's been the third President we've had of that generation, beginning with Bill Clinton, then GWB, and now this doofus. We're about to potentially elect Mitt Romney, who, while he may be superior to Obama because he at least still seems to believe in Capitalism and Santa Claus, is yet another Baby Boomer. The record, thus far, of Boomer Presidents is mixed, and while I don't advocate that we leap backwards in time to elect another slew of Aging Cold Warriors, I fear for the future of my generation when you consider the following:

We're sandwiched between a generation of selfish Hippies who have never been told, nor did they ever recognize, the concept of "No!", and a generation of complete assholes who will wander the streets, living in their own filth, at the direction of those self-same Hippies, in order to get the Hippies free medical care and themselves free college tuition for a degree in Gender Studies. Both groups expect my generation to work and pay for it all. I shudder to think what my future may look like, and pray that we survive four years of Romney better than we did four years of Obamatard, and then get a passel of people my own age into the government in perpetuity.

If you want to see what effects the 1960's and '70's had upon the weakest minds of the day, you're looking at him every time Barack Obama steps before a TV camera and sprays a fusillade of words while saying absolutely nothing.

He is the generation of Teenage Wasteland, writ large, and given the keys to the kingdom.

The only good thing to come out of the Obama Years is that we have, as we have never had before, a clear, unmistakable example of what happens when the American Public votes in a panic or, out of a sheer apathetic malaise: we get Presidents like Carter and Obama.

At this stage of things, Obama has made Carter look like one of the great statesmen of old, a veritable Bismark, Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, Disraeli, Cardinal Richelieu, Augustus Casear and Pericles all rolled into one. Which is a sad commentary when you finally remember just what Jimmy carter will ultimately be known for: long gas lines and shortages, American hostages in the hands of bloodthirsty Muslim extremists, military puniness, technocratic incompetence, a drunkard brother, and the distinct smells of failure, fear, and uncertainty. Only with cocaine.

Barack Obama will never get his face carved into Mount Rushmore, or have a Federal Holiday declared in his honor. If anything, he will be extremely lucky to live out the remainder of his life in anonymity, forgotten by all, except for that one time of year when we're forced to remember because it's Black History Month. And even then, he should probably avoid public appearances for safety's sake. While we do not advocate that such things befall this President, we can certainly see the circumstance under which festering hatred and discontent with the man will smolder below the surface of some segments of American society for decades to come.

Barack Obama may have been the first (half-) African-American to be elected President, but it is my prediction that he will also, unfortunately, be the LAST to be elected President for some years to come. Any future African-American politician with national ambitions will be subjected to a scrutiny so intense as to preclude the possibility of a successful run. Which leads us to our last reason why Barack Obama will be remembered as the worst President;

7. Far from healing the racial rift in this country, Barack Obama has probably made it worse than it ever was, excepting the Era of Reconstruction. His ability to use race to raise support on the one hand, to deflect cirticism on the other (and if you'll allow me a third hand for rhetorical purposes) brandish race as a weapon against his opponents, real and perceived, has made a civil, truthful discussion on matters of race next to impossible.

Statements made by such personages like Eric Holder, have added fuel to that fire. The controversies over Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the obnoxious, racially-tinged outspokenness of the First Lady, the  President's failure to look before he leapt into the cases of Trayvon Martin and Henry Louis Gates, the sense of victimhood and grievance that oozes from every Obama Speech (and I'll bet most of those are written by white guys) and displayed at every Obama political event, have ensured that this is one wound that will remain raw, perhaps forever.

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