Sunday, May 06, 2012

Diversity Training Is Bullshit...

I've always said so, and now here's yet another article which bears this out.

Forced "Diversity training"serves four nefarious purposes:

a. To create discord and hatred where none exists, because if there weren't any no one would need a freakin’ Diversity Trainer at a couple of hundred bucks an hour. This rancor will later be used to extract wealth and concessions from corporations and government,acting under the pressure exerted by "bad press", "bad public relations" and plain, old embarrassment by those who have a vested interest in manipulating them for personal gain.

b. The entire Diversity racket is just another form of Affirmative Action and Welfare Statism, creating sinecures within HR departments and corporate structures for those who otherwise could barely hold a job. You know who you are African-American women. (save the hostile e-mail, I shall not apologize for that, nor take it back), and handing out checks to those who didn't earn them because they happen to be a member of today's, trendy "aggrieved minority".

c. Diversity Training is designed to keep the grievances (both real and imagined) of past generations alive because they’ve been so useful in extracting wealth from the productive (and innocent) for certain minorities (the unproductive and guilty) in the past. Why kill the goose that lays golden eggs? Future generations who may not have felt the sting of Jim Crow, or who place no significance upon the Stonewall Riots, and have largely jettisoned Gloria Steinham for Jackie Collins and Debbie Macomber need to have a sense of grievance drilled into them, on a near-constant basis. The earlier the better, and what better place than at work, where you have 'em for eight hours a day?

d. We have far too many attorneys with far too much time on their hands, and so we like to keep some of them busy with trying to prove that asking Esteban, Shaniqua, and that guy in accounting who definitely takes it in the ass to show up for work on time, in proper attire and ready to work, and to play by the same rules everyone else does, creates a "hostile work environment" that requires a huge settlement the aggrieved will never see.

If you don't keep that sort of lawyer occupied, the price of everything in creation skyrockets because someone sued to have "DO NOT SPRAY THIS PRODUCT IN YOUR EYES OR NEAR MUCOUS MEMBRANES" emblazoned on it because some idiot thought it would be a good idea to clean their contact lenses with industrial strength window cleaner, or because some dumber bastard tried to drink shampoo, or make his Chunky Soup in the microwave without removing it from the can first.

Really bored asshole lawyers also run for Congress boasting of all the "good" they did for society as a trial attorney (i.e. I'm the guy who sued your local hospital out of existence because they only served green Jello on Thursdays and that was considered racist by someone). But I digress...

There cannot, and never will be, any progress in society, vis-a-vis racism, so long as the concept of celebrating Diversity -- in it's current, politically-correct, deliberate, punitively extractive form -- continues.

If you truly want to see the racism, red in tooth-and-claw, that supposedly infects American society up close and personal, then take a good look at all the activities of the so-called “Civil Rights” leaders during the Trayvon Martin episode, not to mention the domestic terrorist group known as The New Black Panthers. You want to talk about double standards and hostile environments?

I’ve had to suffer through this pernicious nonsense (diversity training programs) at least four times in my past, and have always come out of it wanting to smash someone’s head in with a brick. You’d be shocked and surprised to learn what comes out of the mouths of black people more or less given permission to be as openly and freely hostile, racist, disrespectful, and emotionally-overwrought as possible. At least at first. You eventually get used to it, and you tuck what has been said in that room away in your mental database, making up a list of people you must get rid of before they make your life a living hell. Quite frankly, I’ve been surprised there hasn’t been a bias crime, or a murder, at any of those meetings because the black folk get pretty worked up.

We managers used to refer to Diversity Training as “Black People Get to Be Openly Racist Week” behind closed doors, and did our level best to ensure that all of our really important projects were finished before Diversity Week, not to mention Black History Month, because when February comes around Black guys suddenly get all "aware" of the "communitaaaaay" and suddenly want to "be involved". I had one employee who could find ways to skip/shirk work on a near-daily basis come February, because there’s always a different event that he’d like go to with his kids, or that his church or “community group” is involved in, and you just know – because the guy often sleeping on the job and stealing office supplies when he thinks no one is watching –  thinks he’s getting over on you because it’s “all racial up in that bitch” if you don’t let him go.

There’s no one lazier or sneakier – or more full of shit -- than the “socially-conscious brother", in my experience. For the most part, that’s all a front to get laid, or to take advantage of circumstances.

All it is, this so-called diversity training, is several hours over several days of “The White Male is the most despicable creature that ever lived…” psychobabble, and just so you -- White male who has to pay for all the evils of past generations -- don’t get mortally offended and leave the little brainwashing operation, the instructor will usually add this little tidbit:

"...but it’s not your fault --- you're just a product of your cultural environment…”

In other words: since White Male-dominated culture cannot be anything but racist, sexist, coercive, oppressive, and all that other rot, why should we be surprised when White Males come off the assembly line displaying a reflexive and unthinking sort of bias? What a bunch of crap!

Last time I looked, African-American people were products of the same cultural environment that I was, not to mention American-born gays, women, Hispanics; in fact, if you were born and raised here, I’m pretty certain you come from the same exact cultural environment that I do. So why am I evil, and you’re not? Oh right, because if it wasn’t that way, who the fuck needs a diversity trainer, and why should you ever have to work for your money when you can use the legal and elective systems to help you steal it.

In the meantime, I find it curious that people who weren’t raised in this cultural environment (i.e. Immigrants) are often discouraged from assimilating, and further encouraged to push to have their own cultural norms accepted by this “racist” society (i.e. by white males, always against their wills, at their expense, and with a coarsening of the common culture to follow).

Diversity is a racket, plain and simple. If it weren’t for the fact that corporations use the entire Diversity training and “Commitment to Diversity” routine as a shield against lawsuit, the industry would have gone the way of buggy-whip makers a very long time ago.

There's a reason why the dominant culture in the United States is a White, European culture: it was founded by White Europeans, following systems of thought and law that were distinctly European in origin; in other words, because that culture actually works. If it were any different, then we'd be the Third-World shithole and Zimbabwe or Laos would be the most powerful country on Earth. Therefore, the concepts of Diversity and Multiculturalism, pushed passed a certain limit, are a complete waste of time and energy that can achieve no practical good, and do little more than degrade a successful culture and sap the morale of those who live in it.

UPDATE: Corrected some grammatical errors.


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Josef Kazantski said...

Indeed. Couldn't have put it better.

Anonymous said...

Diversity training is about letting you know who is the political boss, the organized majority, inside the US democratic republic. Diversity people are the organized majority, over 80 percent of the voting populace in the US and Israel.

Diversity people include..

native americans

Diversity people are always encouraged to believe themselves to be victims of an associated oppressor....

gentile oppress jewish
straight oppress LGBTQ
men oppress women
white oppress black
western oppress asian
healthy oppress disabled
gringo oppress hispanic
settler oppress native

The internal structure of Diversity is a pyramid scheme, where jewish and LGBTQ are at the top of the pyramid.

Matthew said...

Well, that's a bit harsh, but probably too far from the truth, although I think we could have done without the anti-Semitism.

Technically speaking, any group can cite a grievance against another, the acid test is whether or not the grievance actually holds up to a truthful evaluation.



Anonymous said...

Oh vey! Listen to, Shlomo "Matt" Goldsteinsilversmithburgwitz. Because any group can claim they are being oppressed and it's okay, but don't be mean to the Jews, they have never done anything wrong.
And remember to donate to your nearest Holohoax, I mean holocaust, memorial to remember the brave 6 gorzillion Jews that died from the evil German Devils.

Anonymous said...

I have been evaluating this bullshit forced diversity training through the last few years and have come to realize it only takes place in jobs that offer little to society. Government contracting, fee based programs, grant programs and all levels of government are victim of this perpetuated cultivation of division. At my last job I shared an office with a black female who was victimized by this bs. Regardless of how kind I was to her, I was always suspect. Eventually I accepted that no matter how much I tried to accept her, she was just too far lost in the victim mentality that the media, diversity training and low class peer group had endoctrinated her with. So sad to see that as America was beginning to see unity and equality, we had 8 years of social engineering which ignited the fires of hatred and division. I just want to hear truth again. For the few that still know what that means....share it shamelessly.

To all you minorities and special interest groups-if you are productive, team oriented individuals who want to work and be part of the solution, please come join us. If you are stuck in the mindset that your skin color, religion, sex or status makes you special or underprivileged, work on that first and then join in. No one is entitled to anything. America is the best country in the world because it was founded on the following principles; we have one supreme God whom we are accountable to, it is a land of fresh starts, hard work ethic, respect for fellow man and our founding fathers believed that capitalism is the tool which makes a man free and empowered to help others.