Friday, May 04, 2012

Welcome Taki's Mag Readers...

Thanks for stopping by, drawing a cup of stupidity and staying to read on for a bit more. Thanks even more for returning, as some you have. I like return customers.

We here at the Asylum strive to bring you only the most egregious examples of the 24-hour diseased monologue that takes place inside my 20-cc. brain.

Our helpful and cheerful Asylum elves, Lefty, Swifty, Bruno and Killah, will be more than happy to show you around the facilities, including our brand-spankin'-new restraining chairs and restroom-mounted Thorazine dispensers.

If you like what you read here, please, by all means, tell your friends and spare yourself the unfortunate consequences of a late-night visit from Dominick the Discipline Elf, a.k.a. The Midnight Marshmallow Strangler, formerly a member of Congress, and CEO of Wet Willie's Whoopie Cushions, Inc.



P.S. I have added a link to Taki's site on our Wall of Shame; I'm a fan of Kathy Shaidle's (despite the restraining order) and John Derbyshire's, and have been remiss in not posting a link to their latest endeavors sooner.

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