Monday, May 07, 2012

Now, If They Had a Work Ethic...

Nice article about the Cleveland Five on Taki this morning.

The Cleveland Five are exactly the sort of dumb-as-a-sack-of-horseshit, lazy, slacker, stoner, psycho drug- taking dipshits you might think they were. But before they became urban OWS jihadists, it seems that every last one was little more than a juvenile delinquent.

However, it seems that their "juvenile" stage hasn't quite ended, has it?

These five are the poster boys for the eternal childhood that many on the Modern Left seem to pine for. It's an extended temper tantrum, of the sort you'd typically associate with a four-year-old, the only difference being that society treats these people as "adults" and some take them seriously. One gets the idea (if you didn't already have it) that these OWS people are simply people with limited intelligence and nothing better to do with their lives except to stew in their own emotions and expect others to cater to their whims.

Reflexive, misdirected anger. An "If I Can't Have It, Then Smash It"  mentality. All five probably have undiagnosed mental  issues related to poor potty training, a premature end to breast feeding, and not getting the fucking pony they wanted on their 7th birthday. There's probably also a liberal (no pun intended) dash of borderline personality disorders, extreme narcissism, and several addictions to chemical substances.

I hope they all like prison, where they’ll be brutally and repeatedly ass raped by the “99%” they’re supposedly“fighting” for. Nothing cures your poser affectation of being a fighter for the proletariat faster than to be imprisoned with... and abused by... them.

If we subjected every OWS wrongdoer to this kind of real, insightful peek into the living hell of the lower classes (that is, we subject them to the 99% in their native habitat – the prison system or the housing project), every one of those placard-waving, pot-smoking asswipes would immediately run home crying, hug their mother, beg their father for forgiveness and then immediately wash, get a haircut, put on a business-appropriate suit, and go out to find a fucking job.

Because 99% of the "99%'s spokespeople" are pussies and posers.

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