Saturday, September 01, 2012

Your Future Under Obama...

Your Healthcare. Nationalized, government-run healthcare is rationed healthcare, as the first responsibility of the bureaucracy is to itself, and not to the patient. The money will first be spent on staff, facilities and public relations, and if there's any left over, the resulting "care" will be doled out in thimbles.

If you doubt what I've just written, then read this. The government, particularly the Obama Administration, changes the definition of what is and isn't considered "healthcare" as it suits it's political purposes. What makes you think it wouldn't, should it find it necessary to do so, use the healthcare system it creates as a political tool/weapon, too?

Your Finances and Freedoms. Have you noticed the tendency for every department of government, no matter how insignificant it may seem, eventually gets an Enforcement division? This whole thing is not about the government being able to keep wealth inside this country -- it's about the government being able to take your wealth the very second Washington finds that necessary, and intimidating those who might protest.

Need I say more?

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