Saturday, September 01, 2012

Because No One Offered Them Money and Drugs, That's Why...

Washington Times asks: Why no protesters at the RNC this week.

The money quote on how "organizers" are having trouble recruiting protesters for this week's DNC:

“The issue is important because minorities, the homeless, unemployed and others can lend credibility to protest groups sometimes led by college students and people with middle-class backgrounds.” 

And there you go. That, in a nutshell, describes most of this left-wing organizing bullshit. It's all you ever needed to know about Occupy _________ and all the rest of them. It's white Libtards going through the motions to gain "credibility" within their peer group...or maybe some extra credit in Professor Douchebag's Sociology class.

Some probably do it just to pad their resumes. It looks bad when all you can put there is "University of _______, 2004-2012, BS Anonymous, Inebriated Group Sex, AS Holistic Skateboarding and Hackysack".

BTW, someone needs a grammar checker at the Washington Times: ...only three protesters have been made arrested?” Who wrote and edited that? A Haitian Immigrant? A Columbia J-school graduate?

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