Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I See At The GOP Convention...

The story thus far:

Mitt Romney gets the nod. Lots of great speeches. A lot of childish behavior from Libertarians. A lot of press people -- many who should know better -- outright, unabashedly lying. Here's the high- (and low-) lights, as I see them, so far:

1. Ron Paul Supporters: Get over it. Your man lost. grow the fuck up, already. It's not like Libertarianism is a proper political philosophy, anyway, for the most part being a mish-mash of fiscal conservatism and libertine hedonism. Libertarians like their checkbooks stuffed and balanced, their obligations minimized, and their drugs free-flowing. Because if America should stand for anything, it should stand for a man's right to avoid taxes and personal responsibility while getting his freak on.

I'm not saying Libertarians don't have some valid points to make; what I'm saying is that my own, personal experience with a Libertarian "discussion group" many years ago made me want to go home and scrub the slick off with a Brillo Pad. Ron Paul, while an engaging and interesting personality, by his very presence in the race, confirmed for me what I already came to believe a decade ago: the truly committed Libertarians are fucking nuts. Paul lost not because he didn't get a fair hearing, or because of some political machinations, or a conspiracy to hide "The Truth": he lost because he was, ultimately, a rotten candidate who reminds you of that crazy uncle you have stashed in your attic.

If Libertarians get their noses out of joint, and stay home come election day, they will have been, in part, responsible for a second Obama Term, and then we'll all have to listen to the whining of the "real" Conservatives about Obama being God's just punishment of America, and Libertarians crying in their chardonnay and granola about how hard it is to be them. You sound like fucking women. Now get with the program, and just deal.

2. The GOP laid out it's Plan of Attack: They spoke of the dreadful economy. They talked about the stark differences between Us and Them. They talked about Social Issues that threaten the Family. They talked over regulation, Illegal Immigration, Voter Fraud, Gay Marriage, ObamaCare, Public Unions, National Debt, Government Deficits, and National Security. They ate Obama's lunch on all of these topics, which leads me to believe that when the Presidential Debates roll around, and Obama has to work without the safety net of a squadron of teleprompters, he's going to look like a stuttering dipshit...well, a bigger, stuttering dipshit.

Mainly because the GOP has honed it's chops on all of these issues, and Obama knows it, which is probably why all he wants to talk about is contraceptives and Bain Capital, and pretend that the painfully-obvious evidence of a rotten economy is really no such thing. It's why Romney and Ryan have to be vilified. It's why Joe Biden gets sent out to drum up racial hostility with comments about putting people in chains. Because if the election is held on the basis of telling the truth, of facing facts, and making a case, Obama hasn't got the proverbial snowball's chance in the Netherworld.

This (Obama) is what happens when you elect unqualified leaders who haven't been properly vetted by an unbiased press, America. I doubt very few without a vested interest in maintaining the status quo is going to make the same mistake twice.

3. This Ain't Your Grandpappy's GOP, Anymore: I saw more black faces in that crowd than I can ever remember at a GOP convention before. They weren't many, true, but they were there enough there for you to notice it. And it wasn't just the Condoleezea Rice's and Artur Davises, either: it was real folks, who seem to have a better grasp on most issues than one normally finds in African-American precincts, when they talk to the press.

And speaking of Artur! What a speech! That's one forceful case made for the GOP. Today, all over America, in the liberal press and in the churches where the worst denizens of the so-called Civil Rights brigades meet, Artur Davis will be hung in effigy. he will be called every name in the book: Uncle Tom, Puppet, Oreo, Race Traitor, Sell-out, and worse, the dreaded "Not Authentically Black", but consider the sources of those epithets, and then realize they will be largely hurled by nose-picking. knuckle-dragging morons, who haven't realized it's the 21st Century.

Herman Cain, Condi Rice, Alan West and Artur Davis in the GOP at the same time? I'm all fucking giddy at the thought that the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party's kung-fu death grip on the Black vote may be starting to weaken. Not quite yet, but the process has definitely begun. The Party of Lincoln was once the natural choice for Black folks, it may soon be again.

4. The GOP Bench is Fucking Deep: You saw a cavalcade of future political stars last night: Christie, Ayotte, Haley, Walker, McDonnell, Brewer, Rubio, and missing from the picture last night were Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal and Alan West. Compare those people with what "the Other Side" has to offer: You heard positives from them all day and night about American Exceptionalism and the American Dream, the people's hope that -- finally -- someone has got a clue, knows what to do, and won't quit when the press and democrats (small 'd' intentional) start squealing like Joe Biden's little piggies.

Hilary Clinton...again. A deranged Nancy Pelosi; an accused pedophile and serial liar in Harry Reid; a batshit insane Maxine Waters; a permanently menstrual and racist Michelle Obama; tax cheats as far as the eye can see; Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (and isn't it a coincidence that her maiden name is near-synonymous with syphilis?), The Cuomo Douchebag Redux; The Irish-Setter stupid Biden; the Mentally-Constipated Barbara Boxer; the mentally retarded and seriously ugly Henry Waxman.

There's your democrat (small 'd' intentional) roster of heavy hitters. It is a line up of old, cranky, pigheaded, angry, reflexively negative 60's retreads and egomaniacs, who talk fear, and hate, and envy (just like every communist since the dawn of time has) but never offer a solution that doesn't start and end with their quest for personal power over every aspect of your pathetic (to them) life.

It is the contrast between the group that shouts "Can Do For America!" and the crowd that "Won't Do Because There's No Opportunity For Graft and Personal Aggrandizement America"..

5. We Built It: When history is written, it will be remarked that despite three-plus years of abject failure, Barack Obama actually lost his bid for re-election the second he uttered the words "You didn't build that...", and provided his ideological opponents with a battle cry. Those four words summed up the Obama Experience in America perfectly; we are led by a complete doofus who believes in government control of everything, who believes that people who work hard and apply their talents and brains to the process of making a better life for themselves are suckers.

Then again, it's about par for the course with Obama. He's the champion of the downtrodden because that's the romantic fantasy he holds about himself, and also because he needs to be: after all, he's been so good at producing  more downtrodden than ever before. Never mind "Jobs Saved or Created"; start counting the number of people who would, if they had half a chance, gladly put a bullet in this douchebag's brainpan (and no, we don't recommend that anyone should) just erase the shame of having voted for this idiot in the first place.

6. Rick Santorum: I guess someone had to trot him out, if only to give the general impression that someone actually gives a shit what the Evangelicals and "Values Voters" have to say. I can't argue with much of what Santorum said, because he was right (although the speech was predictable; thirty seconds into it, I told Tess "Watch; at some point he's going to mention his daughter, and wear it like some sort of honor...", and sure enough, as soon as Santorum got over his hand fetish  -- after all this speech was a handjob for the Religious Right -- he got around to Bella, throwing red meat to the Right-to-Lifers).

I don't really have a problem with anything that wing of the party believes, I just think the spokesmen they trot out to make their cases are complete and utter assholes, starting with Santorum, moving up to Huckabee, and then, finally, to the disaster of Todd Akin. And do you know why these people are douchebags? Because they don't have a thought in their otherwise-empty heads that doesn't begin and end with a quote from Scripture. Their ideals begin and end at their religion, and when there is a conflict between their superstition and reality, they can be counted upon to choose the superstition every time.

Which is why they make rotten candidates, and ever worse leaders.

Anyway, Santorum's speech was more of the same from him: what he did seemingly 50 years ago that about seven people remember and how it's being undone by Obamatard. He talked around the subject of Gay Marriage while making it perfectly clear he's against it. If Santorum thinks he still has an outside shot at 2016 or 2020, he's smoking something funny...which is probably against his religion.

7. Ann Romney: Great speech! What a breath of fresh air she is, when compared to the woman who is currently First Lady. There is no grievance there. There was no sense of entitlement. No hostility, no veiled (and sometimes unveiled) racism. No regal pronouncements, no "Let them Eat Cake" grandiose posturing.

I agree with most of the critics of her speech last night: Ann Romney may have just proven the old adage that behind every great man, there is a great woman. I almost want to fuck her, myself, and I don't mean that in a harsh, negative, piggish way, either. That kind of woman is inspirational, and it's a far cry from what
is generally walking the streets of America, these days, which is a bag of estrogen on menstrual hair-trigger that sees potential rapists at every turn.

If Mitt Romney eventually loses this election, he's still won in the game of Life: he found an awesome chick.

By the way, the band playing "My Girl" after Ann's speech? Perfection!

8. Chris Christie: I was disappointed. Not because I wanted Raw Meat, but because I wanted Christie to reach through the television screen, grab America by the throat, and shake some sense into us. It was a good speech, and it did have one major thing going for it: it laid out, perfectly, the contrast between one side and the other in unmistakable terms, just in case there were at least three mouth-breathing retards out there who still hadn't gotten it.

Christie called the O-man out on just about everything you could think of, and stopped just short of saying what he really wanted to, which is "Mr. President, you're a lying sack of shit. An overbearing, conceited, Imperious cunt. You're a douchebag, a wanna-be, a never-was, you're in over your head, and are too stupid to realize it. If it wasn't for the army of paid liars in government and media that keeps you afloat, you'd be mopping floors, and that would still be the first -- and only -- real job you ever held in your life, you fucking asswipe!"

Christie set himself up for a run in 2016 or 2020 with that speech, but managed to rile up the troops at the same time. We'll see about that.

Very soon the democrats (small 'd' intentional) will be meeting in Charlotte to go through their kabuki play of a convention, and to spew all the venom one could imagine. I'll be watching that one, too, and I'll be taking notes, as well. When the dimwits get around to having their Potemkin display of unity and false political issues, I'll be relating what I see right here.

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