Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hillary and Benghazi...

So, the Hildebeest took 'responsibility' for the lack of security that got four Americans killed in Benghazi, did she? Taking one for The Team, as the old saying does, is she? The Obamatards must be operating under the mistaken belief that now that someone has taken 'responsibility' for the Benghazi Disaster the subject is officially closed, probably much like they believed Al' Qaeda was finished after bin Laden was shot in the fucking face.

Well, no, the whole thing ISN'T over, Mr. President. It's only getting started.

Just because Hillary says "it's my fault...", doesn't make it all go away. It doesn't mean we can all, as you people like to say. "move on"

The fact remains that someone is lying to us, and we need to know the truth, especially from someone who promised us more transparency than we could ever imagine when he was elected.

Let's start at the beginning; we know what happened in Benghazi (my timeline might be a litlle fuzzy, as I'm going from memory, so bear with me). Our embassy was attacked in a co-ordinated effort by Al'Qaeda-linked groups, and the Ambassador and three other Americans were killed, their bodies dragged through the streets..

The Administration -- having to pretend for the sake of domestic politics that Libya has been pacified after a questionable interference by the West, and furiously trying to advance 'the narrative' that with bin Laden dead, the terror problem becomes less of a threat -- cannot tell the truth about the attack, that it was, indeed, an act of terrorism. Flailing about for an explanation that makes sense given the priorities listed in my last sentence, someone at the White House concocts this fanciful tale of spontaneous demonstrations sparked by an obscure internet video.

Anything not to call a spade a spade, you know.

Within a day or two, the spontaneous riot story flies out the window as CNN discovers the Ambassador's diary, lying in the embassy wreckage for the entire world to find, in which the Ambassador writes his concerns about the Consulate's security and his own life. Subsequently, it is discovered that the Consulate in Benghazi made several requests for beefed up security, and was denied. Additionally, two teams of embassy guards were also removed from Libya.

Security for the Consulate was entrusted to a Welsh security firm which had no experience of working in Libya, and who hired local Libyans to provide actual security. Om the night when the attack took place, two (2) Libyan security guards were on duty, armed with tasers, and both of them may have belonged to a local rebel militia, the 17th of February Martyrs Brigade or somesuch, which sounds like a jihadi group to me.

Getting back to who knew what, when: Libyan officials knew immediately it was terrorism, andin fact, had warned the United States that someone was plotting something. Particularly after:

a. the Consulate had been attacked, twice, including with an explosive device that blew a major hole in the outer walls.

b. The terrorists only posted their intention to attack the consulate on fucking FACEBOOK.

And that's before you even get into the whole "It was September 11th-should-have-been-on-guard-no-brainer-Dude" sort of thing.

Within a week, even the CIA and American Intelligence communities were saying "Hey, that was a terrorist attack..." publicly. Within a few weeks, the State Department would be sending people to testify in front of Congress to say the same thing (apparently, Joe Biden didn't watch them, as he spent the day before his debate practicing how to look like a psychopath on TV).

Within a month, the Administration would be saying that they didn't know this, that, or the other, and haven't a clue as to whether terrorism was involved, because they cannot count upon the mechanism of American Security and Intelligence to give them a straight answer. Another lie.

The administration doesn't want to answer questions that it cannot answer without Obama being tarred and feathered even before the election. It cannot give any clear or honest answers because it is laboring under the misapprehension that it has a chance of victory come November 6th. It has thrown a bad film maker, a U.N. Ambassador, The State Department, The Intelligence Services, and now the Secretary of State, under the bus in an effort to make this go away, and it won't. This event calls into question everything about the last four years: who knows what, who does what, does the left know what the right does, do we ever get the truth on anything from jobs, to unemployment numbers, to Green Energy, to terrorism, and just who the fuck is ultimately responsible for anything, if not the President?

Now, as for Hillary: some are beginning to write her political obituary this morning, because having taken "responsibility" (I put that in quotes because under Obama, the word means something different than what we rubes are accustomed to) there is a predictable road that will be followed. Hillary will be hauled before Congress to answer questions. Many will call for her resignation in the hopes of mortally wounding the already-slowly-bleeding-to-death Obama before the election, simultaneously destroying her last, best hope to run for President herself in 2016.

Let's look at this in detail, shall we?

First of all, Hillary Clinton is NOT responsible for what happened in Benghazi, inasmuch as she isn't the President of the United States. Yes, she may, as Secretary of State, bear some responsibility on the security issue, but let's face it: it's not as if she, personally, makes those arrangements or knows of them in minute detail. That's what she has security staffers for. She'll take the blame for the debacle, though, because that is intended to leave the impression that she is an honorable woman, and that, in retrospect, she was probably the better choice in 2008 than Barack Odingdong, who can't even tell you what day of the week it is without checking with Axelrod and Cutter first.

Secondly, you know that before Hillary went public (and isn't it convenient that she went to CNN with this exclusive; who is moderating tonight's second debate, I wonder?) there was a quid pro quo. Willie Jeff ain't no dummy, even if his wife is. I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary's enormous 2008 campaign debt ($10-15 million) suddenly disappears, as a few large Obama donors open their wallet one last time in an effort to vainly save their man, again.

Third, when Hillary goes before Congress, you can expect three things: One, she has already been given a way to slither out of the whole "I'm responsible" thing in return for saying the right things (Obama and Biden knew, but because of political pressures, did nothing). Two, once put under oath, she is compelled to say everything and anything, and just might. Third, the prime storylines of those potential Congressional Hearings, other than "Obama Lied, People Died!" will be "the Rehabilitation of Hillary Clinton". In 2016, she'll be ready to run again, portraying herself as the victim of a political cover-up perpetrated by the unqualified man who was unjustly chosen ahead of her.

HItlery will rise, Phoenix-like, from the ashes once again, suitably "re-invented" in 4 years time. This woman is like a case of herpes: we're stuck with her forever.

Don't think it can happen? You haven't been paying attention to the American media or the Clintons these last 20 years, or so. Just you wait.

Poor Barack Obama; he made Hillary the SecState in order to keep her from being a constant pain in his ass, and now she's about to stab him right in the back in a beautifully-orchestrated street mugging, That's what happens when you play the Race Card on Billy Jeff and try to take credit for his legacy, motherfucker.

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Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

The entire thought of Hillary taking responsibility is a farce. She will be leaving the State dept whether Omama is re-elected or not. She made that clear long ago.

So what's the alternative? Impeachment? That will never happen. She's bullet proof and she knows it. In my wildest dreams should anyone (Holder comes to mind) be brought to charges by Congress it's only a simple matter of Omama handing out a pardon as he exits the White House.

I can't wait to see who is actually on his pardon list. Conservative heads WILL explode - wait and see.