Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, Liberals ARE Whining Pussies...

An excellent blog post from Steve Sailer about why it is Liberals can never win an argument on facts, reason, and logic, and instead resort to tears and name calling.

Mostly, it's because they're all  little crybaby, bed-wetting, thumb-sucking momma's boys who wear purty pink panties that have a tendency to get bunched every five minutes. It's the legacy of feminism and multi-culturalism that the once- Male Virtues of Free Thinking and Intellectual Acuity have been downgraded, and our political discourse has suffered greatly for it.

It's the primary reason why we got saddled with Nancy Pelosis, Hillary Clintons, Debbie Wasserman-Schultzes, and Barack Obamas, because to tell the indisputable truth about anything is to hurt someone's feelings, and therefore, make any salient point null-and-void in the minds of the truly brain dead.

This helps explain a lot of what has been happening in American society and politics for the last 30 years, at least.


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Laura said...

Hmm. True. But actually, it is also the same reason why so many marriages, friendships, and so much parenting fails - the fear of telling the truth, the need to always be wishy-washy about not hurting someone's feelings. It has turned us into largely a nation of whiny little wimps who cannot think for themselves and who break down crying as soon as their feewlings get hurt. I am so sick of it. I actually just 'un-friended' over 50 ppl on my FB page and 'blocked' over 100 more from reading my posts. Why? The time suck that is trying to educate those who cannot think critically, when they keep making the same ridiculous comments on my posts. It just gives me a headache and leaves me feeling like I'm going to bleed from my eyeballs if I read any more of it.

~Fed Up.