Friday, December 14, 2012

Arab Spring, My Ass...

We should buy these people some Irish Spring, and then maybe they wouldn't smell so bad.

Here's the recent record of Obama foreign policy, vis-a-vis the Middle East:

Egypt - The Muslim Brotherhood is in power, after a popular uprising against a by-comparison benign dictatorship.New Egyptian 'President' Morsi attempts to take dictatorial powers and pronounce a theocracy despite all assurances from the White House and State Department that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful, democratic organization that hasn't the slightest intention of setting up a brutal, thuggish, reactionary regime of religious and political repression that supports terrorists.

Egyptians who took to the streets in the name of reforming the previous regime of President-for-Life Hosni Mubarak didn't sign up for this MB bullshit, so they're back in the streets attempting to reform or overthrow this regime before, it too, ossifies into an Iranian-style dictatorship. Obama backed the wrong horse. Why? Who knows?

There are some who will surmise that Obama's support for Morsi and his kind is yet more evidence that he's a closet Muslim, and fundamentally anti-Western, but I doubt that. It's probably more a case of a very uninformed man who has surrounded himself with some very uninformed people upon whom he depends for advice. This has been a feature of liberal foreign policy for decades now, this belief that if you're just 'nice' to certain people, or if you begin with the premise that all cultures are equally valid, or that any discord in the world is simply America's fault, they'll hate you less -- or perhaps just kill you last -- that has caused, in no small part, this country to bleed both lives and treasure overseas, and which has confused both foe and friend, alike.

Egypt could very well become the next Afghanistan. Then again, there's a long list of 'next Afghanistans' that have popped up on Obama' watch: Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mali. The list is a long and not-very-distinguished one.

But if there's one thing the Obama Administration's support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has pointed out to the rest of the world it is that the American president is a complete dipshit, because of the inconsistencies that such developments present. On the one hand, Obama joins in a fight in Libya that he had no business joining ostensibly to defend Muslims from something very much like a One Man Muslim Brotherhood in Ghadaffi, and on the other, then turns around and allows Assad to massacre and potentially gas his own people.

No wonder Egyptians took to the streets again. They apparently will have to do this democracy thing by themselves, with no help from an American president who couldn't pick a winner in a one horse race, nor keep on the same side of the moral street for very long.

Syria - The Assad regime has been one of the worst in the history of the Middle East going on three generations, so it should have been no surprise that when 'democratic' (in the Middle East, democracy means you get to at least have the appearance of having chosen which Islamically-approved douchebag gets to ruin your life)  movements started sprouting up all over the place that Syria should be a) one of the first, and b) one of the worst. President-for-Life Bashir Assad has killed somewhere in the neighborhood of some 40-50,000 Syrians -- depending upon whose numbers you believe -- and the Obama Administration (which couldn't wait to jump into Libya -- more on that in a second -- to stop a humanitarian crisis) won't touch this one with the proverbial ten-foot pole.

Libya - Having 'led from behind' with a bombing and logistics campaign on behalf of an increasingly weak Europe, the announced operating principle behind the Libyan intervention -- that Americans were supporting and arming a righteous band of freedom fighters who were fighting a particularly brutal government -- very quickly fell apart when it became obvious to even democrats that what we really supported were a few thousand backwards, sheep-shagging mountain tribesman and what, so far, amounts to criminal gangs with political pretensions. Our reward for 'liberating' Libya was the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US Counselate in Benghazi, with four dead Americans as a bonus. The President and his sycophants did not wish to talk about Benghazi prior to the election -- and they still don't --  and for good reason, because it appears that we may have armed the very terrorists who hit us. 

(As an aside, it may even be true that the Obama Administration knew it armed the terrorists who hit us, but because it already had a bad reputation for not knowing where guns it was supplying to who-knows-who were actually going -- See: Fast and Furious, and the trouble Eric Holder is in -- in addition to it being an election year, the Obama Administration, the State Department, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and even the CIA, have all deliberately stonewalled or politicized any investigation into the Benghazi attack).

The Man who, as Candidate Obama, railed against the 'unnecessary' War in Iraq at a time when America should have been fully engaged in Afghanistan, went off and started a third war for what appears to be no particular reason at all. At least at this point. Whatever emerges from the ashes of Ghadaffi's Libya will, if history is any guide, certainly NOT be amenable to the United States that helped create it. I would expect another wave of Libyan terrorism in the future, as the one tribe of unwashed livestock-fucking reprobates we didn't support (i.e. give guns to) seeks it's revenge when it's better-armed enemies kick the crap out of them.

Afghanistan - You might as well just go ahead and surrender. Announcing a pull-out date for the long war in Afghanistan was tantamount to letting the Taliban, and every other terrorist organization on Earth, know that when the United States decides to send tens of thousands of troops to invade your shitty little rockpile, we're only there to conduct a public relations campaign with guns, and one which serves far more use as a domestic political prop in the hands of leftoid douchebags than it does as a true national security issue. In a way, which is sad, Barack Obama is only doing what logically follows the disastrous policies of George W. Bush with regards to this little dustup.

Since Bush didn't fight this war the way it should have been fought -- with Afghans suffering inhuman torment and the Taliban getting the blame -- and JDAMS -- for it until they were chased from the country, and a reckoning with Pakistan that would be reminiscent of a schoolboy getting a good spanking from his schoolmaster, we instead got a half-hearted fight-then-feed-them approach which has solved nothing. The Taliban is still there, and all Obama has done in five years in power is to undermine the chosen American dictator (Hamid Karzai) and send mixed signals to our enemies that we're either willing to negotiate, cut the support out from under our allies, whine like bitches about shouldering an unfair burden, or simply pack up and go home with no fanfare. Why, it's so Soviet Union-ish you can almost believe all that claptrap about Obama being a closet Socialist/Communist. Give the man (Obama) credit, though, he did do one thing George W. Bush wouldn't have done: he sent other men to shoot bin Laden in the fucking face.

It's the one real achievement of his tenure as President that Obama can point to without hearing laughter in the background.

Iran - Every day that goes by is one day closer to a Theocracy with a nuke. I'm sure if the Vatican were developing nuclear weapons, the Obama Administration would have sent Delta Force to assassinate the Pope and the Marines would already be occupying St. Peter's Square, and we'd be hearing requests from the Obama Administration for something other than 'tough' sanctions on the Vatican City that do little more than ensure a massive interruption in the supply of tennis balls (ten points to anyone who knows what that reference is).

But, one gets the impression that the Obama Administration is doing all that it can to actually run interference for Iran until it gets itself a nuclear weapon, for reasons that are unfathomable. All this diplomacy for it's own sake is hardly going to work, for there is no commonality of interests between Iran and Us, and there is very little that we agree on, except maybe that Honey Boo Boo needs to shut the fuck up and get off my television screen.

It doesn't help any that Obama has consistently undermined the Israelis, even going as far as to leak information about possible Israeli strikes against Iranian nuclear facilities to the international press. When -- not if -- the mushroom clouds appear over Tel Aviv, remember that two successive American Presidents -- one because he was pre-occupied with winning a war that he wasn't pursuing with much thought, and the other a complete Affirmative-Action knucklehead who doesn't know his ass from third base -- left the fate of millions in the hands of European diplomats who have such a stellar record in the whole 'preventing wars by caving into armed-and-dangerous dictators' thing.

With this sort of 'leadership' and 'enlightened' foreign policy, it becomes evident to anyone with three braincells to rub together that the world is a more-dangerous, less-stable, less-peaceful, place than it was before Barack Obama -- Nobel Peace Prize Winner for Simply Being Half-Black -- got through with it. Some of this, admittedly, is not his fault, but there's an awful lot he could have done differently (or not at all) had his policy been guided by experience and a foreign policy system that wasn't stuffed to the rafters with the same Libtard mindset that has has been in charge every other time foreign policy has gone to shit in the last 50 years.

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