Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A Closer look at the Other Side...
One of the very few public services this blog offers is an occasional re-hashing of what other people have said. This often happens because I have found something , somewhere, that pretty much sums up what I have to say, but does so in a way that I would be incapable of imitating.
I admit, I'm not much of a writer, and quite frankly, I believe that when I do manage to cobble together something approaching "masterpiece" it's because I'm angry. After all, that's when it tends to get funny.

But I digress.

One cannot go through life angry all the time, nor should one use anger as their sole source of inspiration. That's probably not very healthy. I could rail against liberals and terrorists all day (and often do), but in the end, I sometimes have a problem with getting my message across. So, I have decided that today I will present three articles from various sources that pretty much sum up my idea of what the "Other Side" in this election stands for, and why they're view of the War on Terror, and the world, is wrong.

First, we present the wonderful Mark Steyn, and his view of the personalities involved in Bush bashing:


Next, we have the ever-eloquent Jame Lileks, and his view about what democrats find important, and why it doesn't wash with Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public:


And finally, from across the pond, we have Melanie Phillips, who I had never heard of before I found this little tidbit, but I can guarentee you that I will be looking for more of her stuff:


Three views on three vital areas of interest in the coming election, and three views which show the gaping divide between conservative/republican and democrat/world-socialist thought.

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