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The Islamonazi...
Time to hit the archives, folks, are regale you with one of my diseased rantings from when I used to write this thing as a personal diary. This essay has never appeared on this site before, and it's quite long, so bear with me. Is it just me, or do Islamic terrorsits and the Nazis have a lot in common? This was originally written in Feb, 2003.

Evil, it seems to me, never changes. It may, to quote Tolkien, "seem fairer but feel fouler", but nonetheless, the spirit of evil does not mutate one iota. Evil, in my opinion, is not a noun, verb or adjective. It is instead, a malicious spirit which exists within the human soul and which is contained only with great effort and caged by a premise that we call morality. Morality is sort of like the traffic cops for evil; it stops Evil at every red light, and hands out tickets when the lights get passed.

Sometimes, however, as in life, the traffic cop is not always on duty, nor is he there at the scene of an accident, or at least right away. Morality is sort of like a traffic cop in another way, if no one checks up on him he’s prone to hit the donut shop a little too much, and duty be damned. Mankind has few choices when confronted by Evil unrestrained by the traffic cop of Morality. Either the citizens of the world take the law into their own hands and patrol their own streets, aiding the traffic cop or maybe shaming him into doing his job, or they just accept red light runners as a fact of life and let them go. Once you let the light runners go, don’t be surprised if they’re smoking their tires on your front lawn or speeding through school zones with reckless abandon.

Traffic cops and Speeders are not the point of this screed, however. They only serve as representations of the way the spirit of Evil and the force of Morality are intertwined. And maybe it isn’t even a good example, but it seems to fit.

We in the world, especially in the United States today, are confronted by an Evil that evidently gives not two turds for the Traffic Cops of Morality. This Evil is not new, nor is it hidden. It’s called Islam, and we’ve (Western Civilization) known about it for 1,400 years, and we’ve become sort of like the complacent citizens in our example. We have allowed it to survive, to grow and fester, and now it’s running stop signs and causing chaos on the roads of our daily lives. The Cops have been at the donut shop and have gorged themselves on the specials of the day: the Politically Correct Creuller, the Éclair of Inattentiveness, the Insidious Jelly Donut of Neglect, and finally, the Chocolate coated Croissant of Ignorance.

Islam is Evil. I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary. It is Evil personified. What does one call a religion that calls for the deaths of all non-believers? Does Buddhism ask its adherents to do this? Does Shinto? Christianity or Judaism? Answer is: No. Islam is the only religion that I can think of that calls for the forcible conversion of it’s faithful, on pain of death. Islam revels in death, it dances in the infliction of pain and suffering, it celebrates the oppression of its followers, and calls itself moral. In many ways, Islam is similar to the greatest Western Evil: Nazism.
The Nazis of the last century saw themselves as the saviors of the world. They would save the planet from the twin Evils of Communism and Jewry, and anyone who didn’t see things their way was considered an enemy. A deadly enemy. Islam sees itself today as the savior of the world (or at least their version of it), and sees those that oppose it in much the same way. The opposition is a deadly enemy that must be eliminated at all costs, even unto the ultimate sacrifice of committing a spectacular suicide, which is forgiven provided enough Infidels leave this world with you.

I feel that Radical Islam is the new National Socialism of our age. As in the 1940’s, we must steel ourselves and confront this threat the same way we confronted the Nazis. We cannot sit back and think the cheery, PC thoughts of the last generation; all cultures are valid, all religions or philosophies have their place in the world, we cannot judge non-Western people by Western standards. That mind set put us in the situation we find ourselves in today, with the results of September 11th, and the more recent attacks in Bali and Yemen, and the threat of war with Iraq (p.s. – do it already, would you, Mr. President?).

Many people would not agree with me and that’s fine. You have your opinion and I have mine, and that’s what makes America great. However, I’m sure you would all agree with me when I make a statement such as "The Nazis were the personification of Evil, and it was necessary to stop them before they enslaved the world". Any naysayers of that statement should feel free to check themselves into an institution at their earliest convenience. If you think for second that World War, mass murder, forced sterilization, eugenics, super police-state intimidation, plunder and destruction on a grand scale are excusable, please volunteer for the firing squad (as a target). That’s the Nazi legacy, and it’s very quickly becoming the Islamic legacy.
I submit for your cogitation:

1. The Nazis created a super-state of occupied Europe, and based it upon the twin premises of ridding the world of Communists and Jews. This political order stemmed from the fear of both Marxist-Leninist thought and of a people who would not assimilate (Jews). The political thrust of Nazism also hid a plan for the colonization of the world by people bearing the same ideology as a standard of battle, based upon national pride and a belief in their own superiority. The Nazi was supposed to be ruthless and pitiless in imposing this new order upon the world, because in the end, it was for the betterment of mankind. This excused things such as theft, murder, rape and dispossession because the motive was supposed to be pure: an Aryan nation would need room to prosper and the enemies of that nation would be the ones to provide it by the very act of dying. Once the world had seen the example of peace and prosperity set by the Aryan nation, they would simply follow. However, not being Aryan or Nazi enough, they would only be given the scraps from the Nazi table. Anyone who stood in the way and who could not be convinced of the righteousness of the Nazi cause, had to be eliminated or subjugated. It was the will of the Fuehrer that all mankind live in the Nazi way. Radical Islam today does much the same thing: it’s followers are a "Master Race" because they have been chosen by God to usher in a new order that will create an Islamic super-state based on Islamic Law (contradiction in terms). The benefits of Islamic Law are supposed to be equality (unless you’re a woman), fairness (unless you’re an oil sheik or a cleric, in which case you’re above the law), and brotherhood (unless you fail to join the club, in which case, you must die). The Islamonazi must be relentless in his push to impose this order on the world. Non-conformists (Jews, hedonistic Westerners, i.e. The Infidels) must be eliminated or subjugated. It is the will of Allah that all mankind should live under his sway. The Islamonazi is forgiven the grievous sins of mass murder because his actions are sanctioned by God, much like the S.S. mass murderers were sanctioned by Hitler. The world must be made to see things the Islamonazi’s way, because it is for the betterment of mankind. Failure to play by his rules means death.

2. The Nazis had interesting ways of dealing with dissent or resistance to the new order: concentration camps, harassment by secret police, death squads, terror reprisals, razing entire sections of cities (Guernica, Rotterdam, Warsaw Ghetto, the London Blitz). The Nazi’s idea of conformity was enforced with the threat of death, torture and imprisonment or destruction on a scale never before seen by man.The Islamonazi has interesting ways of dealing with dissent as well: he crashes airliners into office buildings, straps explosives to his chest and walks into shopping malls to blow himself up, he cuts the hands and feet off of those who oppose him. He threatens to use poisons and diseases to eliminate dissent (much like the Nazis used Zyklon B to eliminate the Jews). He threatens to raze the Western World unless we obey him or fall cowering at his feet.

3. The Nazi was convinced he was right because he was superior. The Nazi used folklore, archeology and other sciences, propaganda, and force to prove that he was superior. He was a member of a "Master Race" which was pre-ordained to rule the world. He used envy to motivate his people; Germany is a great nation, and is not now a great nation because the world oppressed Germany. The World was jealous of Germany and the German people.
The Islamonazi is the chosen of God, enforcing the will of God, utilizing the word of God to prove his own superiority. He engages in propaganda to keep his own oppressed masses in line; you are poor because the Western Devil stole your riches. You are oppressed because the World is jealous of you, the chosen of Allah. Both Islam and National Socialism call for a "holy war" or "jihad" to be fought to return the state to its former glory. A War fought to turn back the clock to the glorious past of the German Nation. The Nazi war was carried out in a brutal and bloody fashion, with no mercy or quarter given to those that got in the way. They Nazis quickly forgot the rules of civilized society when it came to enforcing their will upon conquered peoples. The Islamonazi wishes to return the world to the idyllic state it was in when Islam held sway from Iberia to the Borders of China, from India into the Russian steppes. The Nazi only wished to turn the clock back about 100 years. The Islamonazi wishes to see it set back seven or eight centuries, and he will slaughter anyone who opposes his goal.

4. The Nazis instituted a system wherein children were considered property of the state, and "special" children were sent to special camps and schools to steep them in Nazi ideology for the purposes of creating future generations of vicious Aryan warriors. The state of these camps and schools was such that children were encouraged to prey upon one another, as if they were characters in "Lord of the Flies". The belief was that once the human qualities of compassion and decency were suppressed, these children would make excellent standard bearers for a future Nazi world. These children became the mind-slaves of the Nazi order, and had no belief in anything but complete victory over whoever their Fuerher said was their enemy.
The Islamonazi, in the past, kidnapped Christian children, sent them back to the Islamic world for intense training in military skills and Islam. The result was the Jannisaries, fanatic Islamic warriors that terrorized their own people in the name of Allah. The Jannisaries were a slave army, totally committed to the idea of the caliphate and unswervingly loyal to the Sultan. The Islamonazi instituted the concept of the slave army, where Janissaries, Mamelukes, and steppe people from the fringes of the Islamic empire were turned into "Koran-Thumping" soldiers of Allah, completely dedicated to the implementation of a true Islamic state (the Caliphate), regardless of cost, and regardless of how many needed to die in order to achieve it. Schools in the "Palestinian Authority" routinely teach their children that to kill the Jew is a blessed thing. How many times have we seen the famous picture of a Palestinian infant dressed up as a suicide bomber? These children are being made mind-slaves to the idea of a world-bestriding, Islamic behemoth and being basted in hate and revisionist history.

5. The Nazi system was led by a select elite. This elite were the true "descendants of Hitler", men whose loyalty to the cause and to Hitler himself, were beyond question, because they were either committed or complicit in the crimes that were committed in the execution of the Nazi plan for dominance. They’re will was undeniable: their every whim, taken as holy writ and executed without question. There were to be no other leaders except for these men, and those they judged acceptable in terms of ideology and willingness to serve. The Islamonazi is led by a select caste of elite that manages to somehow trace its lineage back to the Prophet Mohammed. They are the true believers, and their word is law (the fatwa). Their commitment to Islam is beyond question, because they too, are complicit in the crimes that are committed in the name of their Ideology and their religion. Their word is taken as the word of God, himself, and cannot be gainsaid or questioned, on pain of death. In both systems, there could be no other leaders than those that shared perfect ideology and whom had devoted their lives to the movement, nor anyone that could not prove himself to be of "pure ancestry".

6. The Nazis used terror whenever they could not get co-operation, or conquer, by other means. When we talk about terror, we need only to remember the following things: Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz, Guernica, Rotterdam, The Blitz, The Warsaw Ghetto, The "Night and Fog" Decree, Krystalnact, the "Night of the Long Knives", Malmedy. How many V-2 rockets landed in London or Antwerp? The Islamonazi acts in similar fashion. If he cannot obtain his desire by peaceful methods, he resorts to unrestrained violence. How many have died in car bombings? At weddings or in pizzerias? How many have been killed or maimed in attacks on Consulates and office buildings? How many have been slaughtered in the streets of the Middle East over differences between Islam and the West, not to mention the internecine struggles of Islam itself? How many Scuds fell on Iran? How many fell on Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia?
Terror was not just a reaction to frustration, it was a deliberate policy used by both to demonstrate the genocidal commitment of the soldiers of their respective systems, and as a threat to even greater violence to come when the system does not get it’s way. It’s a vivid illustration: this is what we are capable of doing, so you’d better play ball. It was an officially sanctioned use of state resources expended in order to implement a vision of society that would be ultimately horrible. Slavery, domination, intimidation are all trademarks of that state. One in submission to ideology, and the other in submission to religion.

7. Both the Nazi and the Islamonazi rigidly adhere to a policy based on deadly nihilism and subjugation of the individual to a greater cause. Independent thinkers are purged. Dissent is crushed. People other than the chosen elite are nothing but cattle, slaves or the oil that greases the engine of progress. There are two sorts of people in these systems: "Us and Them". "Us" is the chosen branch of humanity, those that struggle for the cause will be ultimately rewarded. "Them" is the enemy, and by virtue of his opposition, he must be stamped out because he opposes progress or the will of God. There is no death too good for "Them". There is no atrocity for which one cannot be forgiven if it is perpetrated against "Them".

8. Both systems base their ideology on the hatred of others, and share a common hatred; hatred of Jews. The Jews were the "betrayers" in the Nazi worldview, they could not stand to see a strong, vibrant, Imperial Germany, and so they conspired to bring Germany down. They owned all the land, ran the banks, the industry and were dominant in the "professions". The Jew permeated and defiled "sacred" German society. The Islamonazi views the Jew in the same way. The Jew "occupies" the Holy Places. The Jew conspires to destroy the Islamic world. The Jew runs everything, including the governments of every country on earth. September 11th wasn’t an Arab "martyrdom operation", it was a plot to by Jews to manipulate the United States into destroying the Arabs for them. There is a fear, hatred and revulsion for the Jew in both societies, which permeates every activity, and is used to justify every policy, and to explain every failure. Ultimately, both systems have a built-in psychosis. A system built on a psychosis is certainly not a healthy one.Think of the Islamonazi as a Nazi on steroids.

We’re seeing the rise of a Fourth Reich in the Middle East. One that is convinced of the righteousness of it’s cause, which believes that "God is on our side" and which is willing to commit the most vile acts in the name of something which is supposed to be a "peaceful" institution; that of the religion of Islam. Where "Mein Kampf" and Hitler left off, the Islamic loonies in the Middle East will pick up. The two systems admire each other and mirror each other perfectly. Hitler was known to have had an affection for the warrior culture of the Middle East, which brought such romantic heroes as Saladin into being. Hitler was ever entranced by the romantic notion (tainted with hatred, of course). The Nazis worked like beavers to inflame the Arabs into fighting for the Germans against the British. Apparently, it took 60 years or so for true Nazi-ism to take root in the Middle East, but it has taken root, and grown into a festering weed that strangles Arab society every bit as it did German.

The Arabs should pay attention to history. They should pay attention to the premise that history repeats itself. They should learn the lesson that was taught in the 1940’s: That the people of the world, and especially the United States, when roused, are capable of destroying, utterly, anything they put their minds to destroying. The fanatical ideologies of the past all fall by the wayside in the course of history: Nazi-ism, Communism, the Bushido Code, Chivalry, Crusading, the French Republic. And who caused them to be first, discredited ideologies, and second, utterly and completely lain waste? Western man, did. And we did it with atomic bombs, with fleets of bombers, with economic productivity, with the freedom to question and to persue the individual rights with which we were all born. Sometimes, it didn’t even require these things to stop the ideologues: sometimes, it only took a thought, and time.

Those are weapons you cannot defeat. That’s why Hitler couldn’t win, why Stalin had to put half his population in charge of watching the other half, and why Japanese pilots got desperate enough to crash their planes into aircraft carriers: they were confronted with weapons, ideologies and moralities, which tore at the very heart of their own fanaticism.
I don’t see any Nazis, I see few Communists, I don’t see any Samurai. Take the hint; freedom trumps fanaticism every time. Learn that before the next Dresden or Hiroshima takes place in Damascus. Evil always loses in the end.

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