Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After...
George W. Bush will be sworn in again as President on January 20th, 2005. John Kerry can continue to cry, but it will make no difference. Already the spinning has begun.

I have heard at least 11 times this morning that Bush has "no mandate" (although he won the popular vote this time), and that he should "heal the country" by "governing fromt he center". The democratic party has just imploded and is now reduced to begging for bi-partisanship, and it's delicious!

Now, here's some issues to ponder:

1. Exit polling - for the third straight election, the exit polling, which is something that really only benefits the media (it gives them something to talk about) was grossly wrong. It seems the democrat vote was vastly inflated in these things and that may have lowered turnout for Kerry, as everyone was reporting he had this thing won a dozen ways to Sunday. Now democrats know how it feels: the exit polling on Florida in 2000 probably cut Bush's margin of victory then. Once again, I'm of the mind that it's probably not necessary to know who is President on Election Day, and that waiting a day before reporting results might be a better idea. However, everyone has air time to fill and this is one way of doing it --- talking about incorrect polls.

2. Bush has won the popular vote, garnering an even bigger marin of victory here than Ronald Reagan. Considering that Bush was elected in 2000 on slim margins in Florida, and there were razor-thin races in Iowa, Wisconsin and New Mexico, this is a major turnaround. Republicans have also gained seats in the house and senate, and if that isn;t a republican mandate, I don't know what is. Then again, the democrats claimed Bill Clinton had a mandate with 43% of the popular vote once. I guess it's a matter of perspective and brain washing.

3. Will Terry McAuliffe finally be taken out and shot? He's lost the presidency for the dems twice, and has fallen even further behind in the Senate and House. Perhaps he's not the right guy to run the democratic party (as if he ever was!), and the Clinton patina has finally worn off.
Clinton came out for Kerry and here in N. Carolina, Erskine Bowels...errr...Bowles. I personally received 4 taped messages from Billy to vote for his boy. Erskine has gone the way of the do-do bird, too.

4. Hilary Clinton is now the de-facto hope of the democratic party in 2008. What she inherits is an open question. The only thing democrats can hope for now is that major disaster befall the country in order to sneak back in during midterms in 2006 and perhaps to even make a run at 2008. Keep wishing, commies!

5. It's already being spun that George Bush did not win as much as he stayed in power by "visciously attacking" John Kerry. I beg your pardon, but Kerry was ripe for attacking. Twenty years in the Senate and the guy accomplished nothing. A would-be war hero that never met a war he didn't want to go to while the country is AT war now. Kerry also hurt himself with the ability to have more postions available than a Las Vegas hooker. Kerry was not attacked -- Kerry was already dead on arrival and the buzzards were already lined up before he got out of the gate.

6. Katherine Harris (remember her?) has been re-elected to the House of Representatives! Talk about someone who was savaged and "visciously attacked"? Good for hert. It's just more proof that thgere is a divine grace that makes sure the righteous overcome.

7. What happened to the vaunted youth (punk) vote? Vote or Die? Apparently they stayed home. What did you EXPECT them to do? Young peope these days are lazy, disinterested and more likely to shout about things than they are to UNDERSTAND them. Kerry pinned his hopes on them and they kicked him in the teeth. If you ask me, if given the choice between Bush and a very uncool dude, they decided they didn't like either and stayed home, or more likely forgot it was election day. Perhaps if Kerry could rap...

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