Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Obligatory Election Blogging, Part 2...
2:00 P.M. Election Day:

- In Florida, absentee ballots are being escorted, in locked boxes, by Sherrif's deputies, to avoid monkey business. A little extreme, but as we've seen before, probably quite necessary. Also, there are rumors of anonymous phone calls being made directing people to incorrect polling places. More on this if I can get anything.

- Ohio: A judge has ruled that pollwatchers are allowed back in the polling places, allowing challenges to apparently unqualified voters. A judge with sense? The Va,pires....errr...lawyers are already lining up.

- Exit polling is showing Kerry sweeping the map. What's up with that?

- More chicanery in Philadelphia: a Greenie-meanie has apparently wiped all the votes off of one machine in Philly, breaking a seal on a machine and hitting the reset button. Perhaps there is an organized efforts by Naderites (still sore about not getting on ballots in all 50) that has manifested itself in slashed tires, anthrax scares and stuff like this. I have no proof, but it's an interesting theory, I think.

- In Arizona: a bomb threat has been phoned into a school being used as a polling place. The building has been evacuated as a precaution.

Taking a nap, because it seems like we're in for a looooong night....

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