Friday, November 05, 2004

Election Wrap up...
Now that the dreadful spectre of a Kerry Presidency is truly dead and buried, and with trepidation as I contemplate the beatification of Hilary (starting today, already!), I feel that I must, absolutely MUST, present a complete Election wrap up. However, I'm dreadfully tired after having done the Snoopy Dance for two days now, and I'm not quite sure I'm up to weighing and sifting the flotsam and jetsom of the past 18 months. I'm litterally exhausted by the thought of politics for the moment. I will, however, provide a bunch of links to a bunch of other people who are certainly smarter than I, and definitely more eloquent.

The Esteemed Mark Steyn:
The God of Wordsmiths, Mr. James Lileks:
The Indomitable Mr. John Derbyshire:
The Master Cerebellum, George Will:
The Regal Mr. Thomas Sowell:

That should explain Election 2004 far better than I could ever hope to.

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