Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Party's Over...
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So John Kerry has finally realized what those of us with half a brain cell knew two years ago: he couldn't win the Presidency of the United States if someone died and left it to him in the will. It was evident, to me anyway, that Kerry was dead in the water after the media called California for him. That was his motherlode of electoral votes and the few states still out were pretty much all Bush country. Kerry went through the motions of mentioning provisional ballots in Ohio, but it was a foregone conclusion by midnight. All that was left was the swan song.

And what a swan song.

John Kerry woke up yesterday and surveyed the blasted wasteland of what used to be a great political party. The democrats did not just lose the election for President, they lost the country.
Five Senate seats changed hands. Three House seats picked up by the Republicans. A potential Supreme Court nomination in the wings. This was the last chance to ensure American socialism persisted into the 21st century. Kerry failed to deliver and his party is doomed.

It's unfortunate that Kerry gave the best speech of his political career yesterday --- in defeat. In his concession speech, Kerry finally managed to connect with folks, I think. I know I got a tiny bit misty not because I felt for the guy but because I finally understood that the man did have passion and was worthy of at least a modicum of respect. It's unfortunate that his passion was misdirected, but I have to give him credit for geing gracious in defeat. He was visibly stung and it was hard not to sympathize. Perhaps if Kerry had had this kind of sympathetic air and the ability to garner repect from people like me over the last two years, he might have won. Instead, he played politico and lost. Now perhaps he can find a use by going out and finding Osama. Kerry is finished as viable force in democratic politics (just ask Joe Liebermann), and wasn't it interesting that he had to lean on Ted Kennedy for support? The lines are already being drawn between democrats; between the Hilary wing and the Kennedy wing.

John Edwards, of course, continued to yap like a constipated poodle. He believes, apparently, that he will be releveant again in four years. That was his job during the campaign and somehow it's still his job in defeat. Probably best that way since he no longer has a job at all -- he gave up his Senate seat to run and it was won by a Republican last night. I don't fear for John Edwards' future because we all know fecal matter always manages to float. Perhaps if Edwards had a little more experience, a little less slickness and a ton less lawyer about him, he might have made something out of himself. Instead, his ego decided he was qualified for the highest office in the land after a couple of years in the Senate, most of that time spent trying to be president. Maybe he can find a job publicly identifying lesbians on television now. It seems to be what he's really good at.

The democrats, however, did not lose so badly because of Kerry or Edwards. They lost because they are tone deaf. They lost because they routinely ignore the peasants in what they call "flyover country". These are the people who do the work, pay the taxes, obey the laws, and at the end of the day, don't want to live in a country where a man can marry a cocker spaniel and have it legally protected like a religious sacrament. These are the same people who don't get to hobnob with the rich and famous, nor do they give a damn about the plight of the trendy cause du jour. They're too busy trying to make a living and raise their families.

They don't care about propping up a Social Security system that won't be around to pay them in their later years. They want security that doesn't make them dependant on the federal government and bankrupts them while it's at it. These are the folks that work for their money and hate to see it stolen by excessive taxes to pay for breast enlargement for illegal aliens.

The democratic party ceased being a political party that represented the values of the American people over 30 years ago. It's taken this long for the majority of people to figure that out because democrats are masters of marketing. But they have found out, and last night, they gave George W. Bush a mandate to continue the job he's had for the last four years. They'll continue to point out that Kerry got 54 million votes last night, and that merely proves there are still a lot of stupid people in the country. The people gave GW the tools to make it easier with an enlarged majority in the Senate and House. Now GW must, and will, get the job done.

Kerry and his minions immediately began the campaign of crapspeak all over again, so it's obvious they do not learn their lessons well. Immediately we were barraged by pleas to "find common ground" or advice that Bush must now "govern from the center". Translation: please have mercy, George, we're on the ropes. I give them three weeks before the shrillness, the nastiness and the name-calling starts all over again. If I were Bush, I'd give them three obvious chances to prove they really wish to "heal the divide" in the country. When they predictibly blow all three with acrimony, I'd stomp on them --- hard.

So, the party is now truly over. The democrats have no values except selfishness. They have no message except reflexive contrariness. When they did have the means to transform American society, they utterly failed because success would have risked revolt. So, they have spent 30 years talking and not one second doing. In the end, they are out of touch with the country they pretend to serve and not very good at doing anything except the interns. That is why they lost the election so badly, and this is why the democratic party is done. Finished. Already the George Soros' of the world, the Ralph Naders, the bomb-throwing Tree Huggers, the militant lesbians, the perpetually panty-bunched, the race hustlers, the French-speaking wanna-be autocrats are all sitting down and re-evaluating their attachment to the democratic party. Do not be surprised if there is a major revolt and posibly a new party formed from one or more of these constituencies that's even more out of touch.

They never put forth a serious candidate; Kerry was not the most electable, Lieberman was. He spent more time fending off Howard Dean, and then pretending to BE Dean then he did making the case for Kerry. They never put forth a serious agenda, except to whine and throw insults, and not once did they mention the details. They talked about snake oil and magic wands, prosperity for all (with high taxes), magical transformation of the world through better karma, the crippled would walk and the blind would see. They talked about Vietnam for 18 months.

They're even talking about a more ridiculous candidate (Hilary) for 2008. They do not listen to what the people tell them because they believe they don't have to. They are elitist snobs leading the great, unwashed masses and the perpetually greedy, and they KNOW what's best for the rest of us. Americans spoke on Tuesday night --- be more like George. I doubt they'll listen, and I for one sleep more soundly knowing that the message went unheard.

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