Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Obligatory Election Blogging, Part 3...
7:30 P.M., Election Day:

- The first returns are coming in now. Right now, the electoral count is Bush 39, Kerry 3. Bush has picked up Georgia, Kentucky, W. Viginia and Indiana. Kerry has snagged the highly-sought after Vermont.

8:00 P.M.:
- Electoral vote: Bush 66, Kerry 77. Bush picks up Tennesee and Alabama. Kerry gets the democratic strongholds of New Jersey, Illinois, The People's Republic of Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and the cesspool of Washington, D.C.

8:15 P.M.:
- Electoral vote: Bush 74, Kerry 77. Bush gets the inbred vote and handily wins South Carolina.

8:30 P.M.:
- Electoral vote: Bush 102, Kerry 77. Bush picks up my new home state of North Carolina and Virginia.

9:00 P.M.:
- Electoral vote: Bush 156, Kerry 112. Bush gets Kansas, Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and North Dakota. Kerry gets Rhode Island and New York (big surprise...).

9:30 P.M.:
- Electoral Vote: Bush 165, Kerry 112. Bush gets Louisiana. Communism is alive and well in Vermont, as Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy have both been re-elected to the US Senate. The
future for judicial appointments is sure to continue to be entertaining yet maddening.

10:00 P.M.:
- Bush 193, Kerry 112. Bush gets himself Mississippi, no surprise.

10:15 P.M.:
- Bush 193, Kerry 112. it's starting to look like it's over. Bush picks up Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. At this point, I figure Bush has Ohio and Florida and Kerry has California. California is Kerry's motherload, but I can't see him pulling it out without grabbing the rest of the remaining states. Not mathematically impossible for Kerry to win, but it does indeed seem bleak.

- This election is making for VERY boring Television. Riht now on Fox, Brit Hume is being forced to actually acknowledge Juan WIlliams and even ask him for opinions (go figure!). Susan Estrich has made an appearance, 3 days after Halloween. She should be locked up for the safety of the rest of us. The big subject is the exit polling, which is erroneously wrong at this point. Britt Hume makes a point that this is the third straight election where this has happened.

- Barak Obama has wiped the floor with Alan Keyes (big surprise). His wife (hot mama!) is now introducing him before he makes his acceptance speech. Barack has thanked everyone EXCEPT God (ingrate!). I have to say, this is my first real look at him (I skipped the Convention). Good-looking man, well-spoken, seems to have it all going on upstairs. Might be a real good senator, despite his political leanings, I think.

11:00 P.M.:
- Bush 197, Kerry 144. Kerry picks up that pool of corruption, Pennsylvania and the Lunatic Asylum that is Washington State.

- The starin is showing: Britt Hume just spit while speaking. It was clearly visible on the screen. Someone get Britt a glass of water.

- The ACLU has just announced that it will sue the State of Florida for not getting absentee ballots into the mail on time so that some folks could vote. I'm skeptical -- Jeb Bush is a target for the ACLU and has been forever.

11:20 P.M.:
- Bush 207, Kerry 144. Bush gets Arizona, Florida (without chads!) and Idaho.

11:45 P.M.:
- Susan Estrich just showed up again. She's grinning and it looks like a mask that's about to crack. She's also clearly agitated because the vote totals don;t seem to jibe with her "inside information" (i.e. That Kerry should have won the day before the election). She's pissed and getting nasty (par for the course). She's also completely full of shit. This woman is scary, and if I might make a request, do we have to be subjected to her on television?

- Talk is about that the Republicans just picked up two Senate seats, increasing their control over the snakepit.

12:15 A.M.:
- Bush 266, Kerry 206. California just came in. In my opinion, those 55 votes just about topped Kerry out. Bush now only has to hold his 2000 states and perhaps win one Gore state and it's his. Kerry also picks up Oregon. Bush has now got Florida (confirmed!), Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

1:00 A.M.:
- Bush 269, Kerry 211. Bush gets Alaska(?). Bush is now President of the United States (again). If it does tie-up at 269-269, it goes tot he House, and Republicans own the joint. Goodnight John Kerry.

1:30 A.M.:
- There is a hint of lawsuit in the air, and Ohio is the focus. According to Kerry's shills, there are 250,000 votes that they KNOW have not been counted yet. How they know this is beyond me. At the moment, Bush is up by 125,000 or so votes. The crying has started already.

- Ted Kennedy has put his drfink down long enough to show up at Kerry's home. Apparently, they are formulating strategy about how to whine.

2:30 A.M.:
- Bush 269, Kerry 238. Kerry picks up Michigan and Minnesota. Britt Hume looks tired. Even Mort Kondracke looks dejected.

- John Edwards just got on TV to pump his fists and mouth platitudes about "getting all the votes counted", a reference to Ohio. Johnny looks like a puppy that has just been caught soiling the carpet.

2:45 A.M.:
- Bush 269, Kerry 242. Kerry gets Hawaii which would matter if it was attached to the continent.

- It's pretty much over at this point, bar the whining. Democrats are vowing to get those mysterious 250,000 votes (which has now fallen to 130,000 somehow) counted, but Bush nopw has a 150,000 vote lead or so. Every one of those 130,000 would now have to be a) valid and b) for Kerry in order to even make it close. Kerry is mathematically eliminated.

- Still waiting on Iowa, New Mexico and Nevada. Bush is ahead in both New Mexico and Iowa.

- Tom Daschle has been voted out of office! The Republicans pick up yet another Senate Seat (count: 55 R, 44 D, 1 Traitor). And 2 more Hosue seats! I can now sleep, smug in the knowledge that the country is firmly in the grasp of Republican government!

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