Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Always Listen to What They Say...
The old joke goes: "How can you tell when a politician is lying"? The Answer: "His lips are moving". I would like to turn this saw somewhat upside-down:

"How can you tell when Barack Obama is lying"?

"His lips are moving, and what comes out of it has to be explained away as a 'slip of the tongue'".

Hence, this little gem:


For the record, I believe that Obama is a Muslim, at least at heart, and that his conversion to a brand of whacky Christianity was simply opportunism, political for the clout it gave him in Chicago electoral politics, and personal, because I believe (but can't prove, alas) that Michelle would never have married him unless he joined her church. That having been said...

We've already seen McPain's gaffes explained to us (by Obama and the democrats) as something akin to the onset of Alzheimers and indicative of a man who's "out of touch". Let''s see if Sarah Palin gets that sort of treatment, too. Notwithstanding that Obama once claimed to have campaigned in '57 states', and that today (or yesterday, I forget which) announced that he was happy to be in 'New Pennsylvania' (maybe one of them extra seven states he's visited), I begin to wonder whether this continual examination of a candidate's gaffes is going to be as productive as the democraps believe it will be.

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