Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Of Cosmetics and the Porcine...
Just watched Obama's whiny complaint that was supposed to 'explain' the 'lipstick on a pig' comment. After the usual cries of 'this is a distraction' and 'they took it out of context', followed by the de rigeur refrain of 'let's deal with the real issues instead of this phony one' (or words to that effect), Obama went on to once again remind us what's at stake for this country should he succeed in talking a good game all the way to the White House.

You see, Obama never says anything wrong. It's all about context -- and the media and the peasants are simply too stupid to correctly divine his intent, or worse, able to grasp the subtle nuances in his gossamer rhetoric, or somesuch nonsense like that thar. This is the seventy-fifth time (or so it seems) that the man has said something that three days later he has had to either refine, explain, recant, put into focus, revise, reverse, diavow, dissemble about or flat-out lie about.

Was Barack Obama talking about Sarah Palin and making reference to her lipstick joke, while simultaneously attempting to paint her (and McCain, y implication) in an unfavorable light? You betcha! After all (tot he best of my knowledge, Iwill try to post evidence), Joe Biden used the same lipstick line that day (or the day before) -- only no one listens or watched Biden, so no one knew about it. Two people using the same phrase in everyday parlance is mere coincidence. Two people using the same phrase in the context of a political campaign is a strategy.

I suggest that Mr. Obama stop crying about how unfair he's being treated (because he sure as hell isn't), and start to remeber that what he says is important. How he says it is sometimes more important, as much of politics is about perceptions rather than truths. When you make jokes like that, be prepared to get some blowback, and then take it like a man. Michelle is not going to come to your rescue, baseball bat in hand, to beat off the sharks you personally chummed. She probably would, because she apparently is the one who at least has the courage to stand behind the half-assed things that come out of her pie hole. By comparison, she's better prepared for this job, in this regard, than you are.

But, please, stop with the phony sanctimony, already?

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