Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now You Know How They Think...
Without a doubt, one of the most disgusting things I've read for quite some time. It was written by Heather Mallick, for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). It is a full-blown, double barrel ass-rape (whooops! Heather might be threatened by such references to oral sex, guns and sodomy) of Sarah Palin, Republicans, and finally, Americans, from a Canadian 'journalist' who apparently does not get out much. Or who might be a lesbian with a very bad rash, confined to a wheel chair. Take your pick. Anyway, here it is -- be ready to call your Congresscritter to demand an invasion of Canada before the retardation (and venom) spreads south:

To balance this slime, I give you the inestimable James Lileks, who put out this flaming heap of dung much better than I ever could (Thank God for Lileks!):

This is what the True Left believes. This is how the True Left thinks. The True Left is a collection of elitist snobs who have invaded the institutions of the West; the universities, the media, the law courts, and finally, our politics. It's not about regular folks -- you know, the ones who run the world-- it's about the Left. It's about scratching their peculiar itches, be they political, cultural, economic, sexual or psychological. These are the kinds of people who are deathly embarrassed about standing at attention during the Star Spangled Banner, but who would show no shame if they were caught stealing from a poor box (after all, the anthem is a celebration of evil jingoism, and the church is a sham and blight on the culture that deserves to be robbed --- like Microsoft or McDonald's ) . They don't know anything about regular folks; the True Left only talks to itself, and in a jargon which only it can understand. Conversely, they live in a high-minded fog of ignorance of the fact that there is a far wider variety of opinion, and a far-more varied population, than what is apparent to them on the brie-and-chardonnay set.

This is a prime example.

Blowback: Via Kathy Shaidle ( and BlazingCatFur (, Heather Mallick responds to her hate mail. (Please make a stop at both links so that you may get the full effect. Kathy absolutely savages Mallick).

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