Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Guess Shoe Leather Must Taste Good...
Someone should tell Joe Biden to shut up. Correction: first, they should tell him to tell the truth, and then shut up.


Now, normally, I wouldn't care what Joe Biden said. Caring about what what such a non-entity has to say is really hard work, because you first have to decide for yourself if it's really worth the effort, and if you do, carefully parse what was said.

How about this, Joe: first, stop framing the issue of stem cell research without first admitting the facts.

First fact: no one actually knows how, or if, stem cell research (particularly embryonic stem cell research) will be a medical panacaea. It's only conjectured that it might be.

Second fact: There is a major difference between adult stem cell research and embryonic stem cells research. Make certain you explain the distinction. Republicans do not oppose adult stem cell research, but they do oppose embryonic stem cell research. Why? Because one destroys an embryo, which under normal circumstances, would develop into a person. It might become a living, breathing person, if it were to be implanted into a womb. When you lump the two methods together, you give the impression that opposition to one method implies opposition to all methods. Of course, you know that (you only look stupid), but do it anyway, believing us peasants are too dumb to know the difference.

Third Fact: The main reason democrats (small 'd' intentional) favor embryonic stem cell research is because it provides yet one more reason for unfettered abortion. It's a neat argument to say that the destruction of potential human life is counter-balanced by the possibility that such destruction might cure disease or save lives, but it's a false argument. Simply making the argument that without such potential therapies, someone might die of a horrible disease, ignores the fact that someone is being killed in order to make that possible. This is either true dis-ingenuousness, or demented. Democrats push embryonic stem cell research precisely because it provides a semi-moral cover to help prop up Roe v. Wade, and curries favor with feminazis.

Fourth Fact: There is not a single scientific institute, research lab, medical research facility, anywhere on the globe, that is experimenting with embryonic stem cells, and that where progress has been made with such experiments, it has, thus far, been made with adult stem cells. The idea that embryonic stem cell research is necessary cannot be supported by the data collected thus far, and the argument "well, we know until we actually try" sounds blood-chilling, and says far more about your morality than it does about your concern for the sick. In fact, it makes you sound sick.

Of course, Joe, you also claim to be a Roman Catholic, and were you a true one as opposed to one when it's convenient for you to be, you would know that your Church has characterized stem cell research as being the next best thing to another holocaust (second only to the real, modern holocaust of abortion on demand). That you can take this position, and harpoon your political opponents while doing it, makes you either a liar or an opportunist.

Hardly representative of the 'change' that Barack wants to mandate on us, whether we want it or not.

So, after you manage to, finally, hash out a clear position on this issue which is not so-obviously tainted by the concerns of identity politics and stupidity, you might want to tell the truth.

And then quietly retreat back into the shadows from whence you came.

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