Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Huns are Here...

Okay, something I saw this morning while going out for cigarettes:

Five teenagers, three girls, two boys, hanging at the local train station before school. The language is, predictably, foul, and the girls seem to have the biggest potty mouths of the bunch. The boys are typical; dopey, clumsy and have few redeeming social graces, as is normal for a walking zit of 14-17 years. They are barely more civilized than chimpanzees. All are smoking like chimneys, at least four of them are spitting on the ground.

And then, it happens.

One of the walking zits does something. Don't know what (if I had to guess, he had wandering hands), but there's a girl in his face, yelling, screaming about how she was going to fuckin' kill him, ya fuckin' scumbaaaaag. She's relentless. She's breathing fire in full-out menstrual fury. And then the walking zit does something that I never thought to see in a million years.

He smacks the girl flush in the face. There didn't seem to be any thought in the action at all; he simply raised his hand, and slapped her. He stood there, defiant, even.

I'm starting to walk across the street now, to defend the girl. No matter that this is not my business -- you never, ever put your hands on a girl, and this kid needs a lesson in manners. I'm not intending to hurt him, just let him know that his behavior is unacceptable. But before I can get there....

The Girl hauls off and punches the poor bastard right in the mouth. And not just once, but twice; one right, one left. He fell to the ground, holding his mouth, and came up with a very bloody lip.

Now, normally, I might say "Good for her! The little creep had it coming!", but then I thought
"Holy Shit! What the hell did I just see?".

Apparently, in the new world of the modern teenager, it's not only perfectly okay for young ladies to curse like sailors, smoke and spit, they are now more or less expected to have to defend themselves against all sorts of cads, like the one who thought it was perfectly fine to slap a young woman in the face after playing an unwelcome round of grabass. And the thing of it is, this girl was not just lucky; she was prepared. She could throw a punch that would make Mike Tyson cower in fear. It would not surprise me to discover that she takes karate or kickboxing classes -- when she's not acting like a total skank and hanging out on street corners, cursing and spitting.

I guess that is one of the logical consequences of feminism; at a time when it is widely believed (actually, it's more like feminists continue to insist) that a woman is the same as a man -- except for that peeing standing up thing -- we should not be surprised when a) younger men treat women the same way they would boys their own age, and b) that a younger girl would not only be expected to take a punch --- but to deliver a better one, as well.

I am soooo glad that I don't have any daughters...there'd be a trail of dead teenage boys in their wake.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! So wrong on so many levels! However, I took Tae Kwon Do with my son several years ago; made it to 1st degree senior black belt before my knees said enough's enough (he just made 2nd degree senior at age 11). Anyway, once I was in a parking lot with both my children and was approached by a rather large, unhinged person asking for a ride across the street. It didn't happen, but I remember thinking cooly, backfist to the jaw? Jab to the nose? Sidekick to the knee? Doesn't hurt to be prepared. --Evelyn

Matthew said...

Yeah, but you're a southern lady, Evelyn, and if you weren't thinking "shot to the jaw" you would probably be thinking "where's my shootin' iron?"

(Yeah, I've pissed a Belle off wasn't pretty).

I was just shocked as hell to see a girl get slapped in broad daylight, and then respond with overwhelming force. When I was that boy's age, we wouldn't have DARED TO EVEN THINK of hitting a girl, let alone do it. It just wasn't done.

I just sometimes wonder "What is this world coming to?"

Anonymous said...

Gee Matthew, you'll have to do better than that to "wee-wee" me off. Sadly, I have no experience with shootin' irons, but find no insult in being lumped with the likes of Elly Mae--or Sarah Palin.

Yes, I share your shock. And in answer to your question: no good. --Evelyn

Matthew said...

Elly Mae and Sarah Palin are hotties.

Put a pair of Daisy Dukes and a sassy mouth on either and this city slicker just swoons!