Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please Excuse My Absence...

But, I've had to look for another job these last few days, and there hasn't been much time for writing much of anything.

Yeah, that green energy gig, which appeared so promising at first, has, indeed, failed to live up to expectations. Especially in the paycheck department, so I've quit. It's a pain in the ass to make a sale and then not get paid for it for three months, and that's assuming that the other hurdles in the way of finalizing the sale are overcome relatively smoothly (the customer doesn't avail himself of the customary 'think it over' period and cancel, the original utility company gets off the stick and processes the paperwork relatively quickly, your compensation request doesn't get momentarily lost on it's way through the ,ysterious labyrinth of Canadian management practices, the customer finally gets his first bill).

It's one thing to make a sale that nets you a $1,200 commission (that's good!), it's another altogether to have to wait three months for that money (that's bad!) when you have bills due today.

So, I wish my colleagues the best of luck (many of them were also beginning to get a little peeved about the paycheck situation, too), but I need something that pays on a steadier basis. Besides, I'm not a salesman (I have morals and scruples), and I was starting to hear the sales pitch in my sleep, having repeated it 150 times a day.

The really bad part? I can't collect unemployment, since I was supposed to pay that tax myself (as an independant contractor), which is hard ot do when you don't get a friggin' paycheck for three months at a time!

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Greasywrench said...

You're not alone Matthew. I've been self-employed since January. I actually make pretty good money working on cars on the side but I have always prefered to be in a shop. In the last twenty years or so the shops in So Cal have tended to be overfilled with illegal hispanic auto techs. This isn't Xenophobia speaking here. Anyone who lives in the South Bay of L.A. can and will tell you the same thing. Anecdotal I know but that's the way it is.

All of the guys I have worked with no matter where they are from have tended to be great techs. The problem is many are here illegally and the employers KNOW it. If the immigration laws were ever enforced in Kalifornia the wages in the auto repair industry would double immediatley due to the laws of supply and demand. Unfortunatly it ain't gonna happen. I and many other Citizens are the ones who ultimately pay the price. It's just the way it is.