Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Al Gore: Bullshit Artist...And Other Eco News...

The Man Who Invented the Internet is now reduced to making more things up in order to justify things that someone else made up.

The London Times has this to say about it.

Meanwhile, there's more news from Copenhagen, where thousands of people who hate their fellow human beings are trying to convince world governments to impose the most draconian measures designed to curtail commerce, production and populations in the name of 'saving the Planet'. Unfortunately, none of them ever seems to advocate the logical and obvious solution for all of Mother Gaia's ills, and kills himself, but the rest of us are little more than grubby little carbon-spewing menaces.

A round-up of what the Earth-Firsters are plotting, and much other Climatically-generated nonsense --and reaction to it-- here and here. That's when they aren't 'disappearing' data entirely.

Update: Here's a few things you may wish to know about the proposed "Smart Grid", the futuristic solution the Obama Administration would like to try out, and GE would like to make a killing on.

Of course, this is the real reason the Greenie Meanines favor a smart grid, but they're afraid to tell you for real.

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