Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Al Gore Knows Dick About Mosquitoes...

It's sad how some people have absolutely no sense of shame. How they are apparently beyond embarrassment to the point where sane people begin to look at them with a combination of pity and disbelief. At what point, after you've been deluged with facts and your arguments have all been shot down one-by-one, does one begin to give up one's delusional fantasies and begin the process of rejoining the rest of us in the real world?

If you're Al Gore, apparently never. Being so demonstrably wrong in Al's world means never having to say you're sorry. Not if there's a billion bucks in it, anyways.

First Al was wrong about Global Warming being a man-made phenomenon. Then he was wrong about Polar Bears drowning. Then he was wrong about Polar Ice Caps Disappearing. Now, he's wrong about mosquitoes and malaria.

But that's okay. He still has his millions of faithful, busily buying commodities which have no real value (so-called carbon credits), from which he derives monstrous profits (amazing how profits are evil to these people when they're made by GM or IBM, but not themselves) with which he maintains his lavishly wasteful lifestyle of carbon-spewing private jets, and energy-wasting mansions that leak electricity like a sieve.

Of course, Al's junk science is provably wrong, but he and his followers simply cover their ears, sing "la-la-la" and go about their business secure in their insular little world. In the meantime, they threaten every decent person's livelihood, and millions of lives with their nonsense.

No, Al never apologizes for being provably wrong, even when he backtracks on the wrong things things he's said just the day before.

In the meantime, his braindead legions take to the streets to riot. Funny, but I thought they were there to promote peace, understanding and co-operation? What's even funnier is that after these riots, the streets are typically littered with tear gas canisters (literally spewing harmful chemicals into the air and ground water!), broken glass (which can be mistaken for food by birds!), millions of pieces of paper from the hastily-tossed fliers and placards (the ones that were handed out before the riot began, telling people of the peaceful nature of the original gathering), broken barriers, destroyed automobiles, a mountain of cigarette butts, plastic water bottles and the various flotsam and jetsam of a mass of humanity, left behind even by those who wear hemp.

Sort of defeats the purpose, but then again, who claimed any of these people were either smart or had a sense of propriety? After all, they worship a man who's wrong every time he opens his fat pie hole, and they'll still throw millions of dollars at him and riot in the streets on his behalf.

I say we sterilize the lot with a rusty farm implement, and save the planet that way.

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