Monday, January 25, 2010

Douchebag of the Week (1/25/10): Howard Dean...

Howard Dean is pretty much a douchebag every day, and such an easy target. If we had an award for Daily Douchebag then he'd almost certainly be the unassailable, world-record holder (with Al Gore nipping at his heels, naturally), but Howard's been particularly extra-specially douche-y this past week.

Dean is the titular head of the democratic party (which is better than his last job: Governor of Vermont, which is like being President of the Glee Club), a man who finds himself in an indefensible position nowadays; his party is pushing some extremely unpalatable policies, what with preparing to destroy the American medical system and insurance industry, treating terrorists as if they were wayward teenagers defacing public property with graffiti, distributing more money than can possibly be printed to democratic-party patronage groups (and Congressional districts that don't exist) under the guise of Economic Stimulus, the Nazi-like take over of both heavy industry and the banks. What makes this all more frightening than it already is, is that even with control of the Congress and White House not only can his democratic party not even enact their own agenda, but the endless drama without resolution actually has an effect on the country; everyone is left hanging. The inertia is beginning to affect whatever hopes for economic recovery we may have had before the election of Barack Obama.

Small business does not hire because it's waiting to see if the government socializes health care first. The banks want to pay back their TARP money, but the government makes them hold onto the payments. The Mortgage Folks are being told to continue the practice of handing out risky mortgages to politically-favored groups, while the government tells them they need to adopt stricter standards. Wall Street gets pounded from the White House and Congress every day, but who do you think generates the economic activity that Washington taxes? People need jobs, and we were told that the Stimulus would provide those, but no one lifts a finger to get all that "money to repair our infrastructure" moving because it's not supposed to be given out until near the midterms or until 2012 -- in other words, not until disbursement becomes politically advantageous for the democrats. We're all in a state of suspension, and that's when we're not simply disgusted by all the other stuff the democratic party is advocating.

So, what did the voters of New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts do when they had elections for governor and Senate? They voted for republicans, naturally. Republicans may have been the witless boobs who were "in charge" when the financial system tanked, but you could at least count on them to do something, and more, something that made sense. The American people are tired of Hope and Change, after realizing that it wasn't exactly the Hope and Change they were promised and the same cast of characters seems to be involved still.

When people need jobs to keep the roof over their head and food in their belly, they aren't inclined to view the dangers of Climate change, Cap-and-Trade, and whether or not 30 million illegal immigrants get health insurance as a priority. Unfortunately for Dean and his band of democrats, they don't share the same priorities as the rest of us. Worse, even when it is made painfully evident that their priorities aren't shared -- by Tea Parties, raucous Town Hall Meetings, three elections in which safe democratic seats and offices went to the republican --, they (democrats) still insist on hammering away at the same "solutions" with no better results.

Even with unassailable majorities in both Houses, neither Pelosi nor Reid can pass a damned thing that won't come back to bite them both on the ass in 10 months. They keep generating much drama, and many headlines, and lots of paper...for nothing. To actually achieve anything is to put them on the unemployment line, and they know it. There's no 'reform' of anything. There's no new New Deal. There's nothing coming out of Congress except democrats...they keep 'retiring' before they get the beating of their lives in November. In the meantime, the American people wait with a growing sense of unease for help. The democratic party is too absorbed with the Dog-and-Pony Show that it has initiated for political purposes, and is too committed to it's internal ideological battles, to actually provide anything useful at all.

And there is poor Howard; having to put the best face on things, and failing miserably. (See video) Taken apart by Chris Matthews, no less, while stubbornly arguing -- against all logic -- that Scott Brown and Chris Christie and the Dude In Virgina were not a harbinger of democratic disaster to come, but rather a rejection of individual democrats and not the irrational and dangerous policies pursued by the democratic majority, or even of Barack Obama himself.

Yes, Howard, you tried to brazen it out, but it was just too weak an argument to withstand even The most cursory examination. For being such a lying sack of shit, you Howard Dean, are our Douchebag of the Week.

(H/T to Flopping Aces)

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